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Performances that you thought were going to be great but ended up flopping

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Not to turn this into the savi*n hate thread lol, but “Fly Away.” I already didn’t think you could do much with that song in a singing competition, but he managed to scream it out of tune too. It has, like, 5 unique notes. And he missed all 5 of them. 😒


Also, pretty much anything by Kirk Jay. I absolutely adored him in the pre-live rounds, but every time he performed (except for his original song “Defenseless,” which I actually thought he performed very well), it was like his voice was thin and warbly instead of being full and emotional.

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4 minutes ago, allistr said:

Tamara Jade - Let It Be

This is the answer, such a missed opportunity. John H was a polarizing contestant, I think she could've snatched that PV had it been a great performance, especially with that song.

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