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Favorite Season 22 Knockouts Ranked


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  • MILO JAY changed the title to Favorite Season 22 Knockouts Ranked
  1. Cara Brindisi - Love Me Like a Man
  2. Omar Jose Cardona - Radioactive
  3. Kim Cruse - I Can't Stand the Rain
  4. Morgan Myles - What the World Needs Now Is Love
  5. Sasha Hurtado - Make It Rain
  6. Kique - Hey Ya
  7. Justin Aaron - Can We Talk


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1. Kique - Hey ya

2. Kim Cruse - I can't stand the rain

3. Morgan Myles - WTWNN

4. Justin Aaron - can we talk

5. Cara Brandisi - love me like a man


Kique's Performance is the only true moment of this seasons KO round imo. He made that song his own.


Morgan probably gave the best vocal on a technical level but I wasn't a fan of her approach to the song (and no, not cause of the hand gestures lmao) I usually don't mind aggressive and showy, but not for this particular song.


Omar is the other contender for best vocal but I thought the first half was weak, and his tone doesn't pull the song off convincingly despite all the impressive technical things he does. Lacks the power and attitude that comes with the song.

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Just now, FloorWax said:

I honestly don’t love any of them 😭😭😭

Same. What a shame because before S22 the KO's really used to had plenty of iconic performances each season. I can't call any of the KO's from S22 or 23 "iconic" by any means, sorry.

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