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Rank The Season 23 Semi-Finalists Based Off Their Blind Audition


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1. Gina

2. Grace

3. Ryley

4. Sorelle

5. Holly


7. Ray

8. D. Smooth


I enjoyed the rest of D. Smooth's journey big time and wasnt a fan of Ray's at all, but on this particular round, even though it was clear D was the superior vocalist from the get go, I did kinda like Ray's BA. Pitch issues and all, his tone showed some personality there, which I felt was missing from his subsequent performances.

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1. Ryley


3. Holly

4. Grace

5. Sorelle

6. Gina

7. D Smooth

8. Ray


Not a very strong group tbh, I only really liked the top 2 (yes, including NOIVAS :stealth:)

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