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Rank GNT Performances


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I am bored so i thought why not lol


Blind Audition - Helplessly Hoping

Battle - Seven Bridges Road (With Kinsey Rose)

Knockout - Witchita Lineman

Playoffs - Creep

Top 13 - Dust In The Wind

Top 11 - More Hearts Than Mine

Top 10 - Viva La Vida

Semifinal - River

Finale - The Chain

Finale - Baby Now That I've Found You

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Some of these I just haven’t seen in a while, but from best memory:


1. River

2. Wichita Lineman

3. Baby Now That I Found You

4. Dust in the Wind

5. Helplessly Hoping

6. The Chain

7. Viva La Vida

8. Seven Bridges Road

9. Creep

10. More Hearts Than Mine

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Helplessly Hoping, Seven Bridges Road, Wichita Lineman, Dust In The Wind, River, and Chian were the performances that I liked from them. I have forgotten others.


#1 might be Dust In The Wind, but I'm not sure.

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