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Rank 4 Chair Turns Of Season 23


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not me (sorry Cait)

1. Neil

2. NOIVAS (Bad Live Performances Though)

3. NariYella

4. Cait (If she was runner-up a battle with her & Toneisha would be *chef’s kiss*). Toneisha’s battle partner is okay though. (Spoiler: he wasn’t a country guy, during or after his run). 
5. Ryley-Tate (Better Than NOIVAS post battles)

6. Ross (He wasn’t that great)

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10 hours ago, rp3598 said:

1. Neil

2. Ryley

3. Ross

4. he who must not be named

5. Nariyella

6. Cait


this was shocking for me but I’m basing it on just their BA

Cait and Nariyella at the bottom!! WOAH!! two of the best vocalists this season

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