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S18 vs S19 vs S23 Poll (Pre-Playoffs)


Which season had the best...?  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. Blind Auditions

  2. 2. Battles

    • Season 18
    • Season 19
    • Season 23
  3. 3. Knockouts

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All these seasons have things in common, they are pretty hated on here and they had awful short formats (Season 20 also had an awful format but it managed to become a respected season on here so i won't include it). So, i think it would be interesting to compare them. It's hard to compare them as a whole since Season 18 had no actual live shows (And Season 23 only had two) so we'll just compare them on the first three rounds. 

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BAs: S18 (pretty good tbh) >>> S23 (a few standouts, overall unmemorable) > S19 (terrible)


Battles: S23 (strong standouts) >>> S18 (some great, some terrible) > S19 (still ehh, improvement over the blinds though)


KOs: S19 (finally some artists stepped up) >>> S23 (ehh) >>> S18 (hard pass)


So one round to each season I guess lol

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The reason I dislike S18 is because of the remote live shows (Granted, nobody was at fault here, I understand, but still, to this day it´s really the only time I´ve skipped the lives. I only watched the POs live and some loose performances on YT after the season ended), but the pre-lives were actually pretty good. It had a lot of potential that sadly COVID ruined even more that it already was, because we were still gonna have just 3 weeks of lives before the pandemic. 


With that said, S18 wins for blinds and KOs. S19 takes it for battles since I remember more highlights there.

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