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Best Finale Celebrity Duets


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Ones that I can recall:


- Maelyn with Sarah McLachLan

- Kyla with Jennifer Hudson

- Chris W aka Nedra Belle with Jessie J

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My Top 3 (in no specific order)  is:


-Kyla Jade & Jennifer Hudson

-Rose Short & Yolonda Adams

-Koryn Hawthorne & Kelly Clarkson

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Tessanne and Celine Dione - Love Can Move Mountains


Matt McAndrew and Fall Out Boy - Centuries


Jordan Smith and Usher - Without You


Billy Gilman and Kelly Clarkson - It's Quite Uptown 


Kyla Jade and Jenifer Hudson - I Know Where I've Been


Maelyn and Sara McLachLan - Angel



Maybe I'm missing some, but these are some of the ones that I remember loving a lot.

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