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S16 Battles: Who would you have picked?


Who was the rightful winner?  

36 members have voted

  1. 1. "Songbird"

  2. 2. "Jealous"

  3. 3. "Head Above Water"

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- To an extent, I understand the situation and why many were pissed, but at the end of the day the Bundys were superior here.


- Very close (best battle of the season IMO), but Jej by a hair.


- I appreciate Selkii's artistry but Cecily was stronger here.

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Loved Miakela but I'm one of those ppl that thought she was not ready for the next round which was already a live show (especially knowing the pre lives are edited and autotuned and all that and nerves were there in her battle ) so the Bundys having more experience were obviously more ready imo



Beth and Jej both did great so I just choose Beth just in case 


Cecily was my fav from team Blake but too bad she was eliminated too early. I'd really love to hear her on an Evanescence song (and y'all already know which song I'm talking about).Her voice is beautifully haunting, kinda like Maelyn 

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1. Mikaela - I did not enjoy The Bundy’s.


2. Jej - Both were flawless, and Beth should have won her cross battle and advanced a lot farther, but I pick Jej because singers like him are a little more rare than singers like Beth.


3. Cecily - Selkii was a case of style over substance for me, but she did her best, but yeah, Cecily won that.

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This was really hard for me. I loved The Bundys in the battles and loved their harmonies and tones as I felt Mikaela wasn't ready at the time and it was an odd pairing. It felt like she was at a disadvantage due to being young. If I were Kelly though I would have chosen Mikaela as the winner of the battle based on potential and she could have gone much further as a teen girl than  The Bundys would have. As for Jej and Beth, hardest one for me. They were both equal to me but I voted Jej more. I think he was more Kelly's style and Beth was more in John's style. As for the last one. I'm not a fan of Cecily's tone but loved Selkii's tone quite a lot so I preferred her in the battle. 

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The result on that third poll is exactly what I needed to see this morning 😛


For the record, I do not dislike Selkii, in fact, I think she’s one of the more interesting artists we’ve had. I kinda wish more people in her specific lane of alternative would come and audition. However, I really preferred Cecily in this instance and seeing how Selkii flopped in the lives only made matters worse.

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1. OK, both were really good. Mikaela has the more unique, interesting sound but the bundy's were just a bit more solid. Very slight edge to them.


2. Man, Jej was so disappointing in later rounds. He was winner marerial based on his BA and Blinds alone. I'll pick him because I think he did the more impressive stuff vocally while also keeping to the emotion of the song. But Beth killed it as well.


3. Cecily obviously.



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