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Pick Duets from S18 and S19

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Todd Tilghman and Jim Ranger

Toneisha Harris and DeSz

Joanna Serenko and Cami Clune

Micah Iverson and Ian Flanigan

Megan Danielle and Bailey Rae

CammWess and John Holiday

Zan Fiskum and Ben Allen

Thunderstorm Artis and 

Allegra Miles and Carter Rubin


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Posted (edited)

1. Todd Tilghman & Jim Ranger (Gospel Country Guys)

2. Toneisha Harris & DeSz (R&B Powerhouse Queens)

3. Thunderstorm Artis & Tamara Jade (Strong, Soulful Singers)

4. CammWess & Ian Flanigan (Deep-Voiced Guys)

5. Micah Iverson & Carter Rubin (Young Indie Guys)

6. Joanna Serenko & John Holiday (They Are Both “Jazzy”)

7. Allegra Miles & Cami Clune (Ethereal Indie Girls)
8. Zan Fiskum & Ben Allen (Folk and Country)

9. Megan Danielle & Bailey Rae (Country Girls)


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