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The Ultimate Team Alicia Keys Contestant - Top 20


The Ultimate Team Alicia Keys Contestant - Round 3   

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Group A (Pick 6)

    • Chris Blue
    • Stephanie Rice
    • Vanessa Ferguson
    • Christiana Danielle
    • Terrence Cunningham
    • Belle Jewel
    • Sharane Calister
    • Christian Cuevas
    • Anatalia Villaranda
    • Felicia Temple
  2. 2. Group B (Pick 6)

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  • Poll closed on 06/02/2023 at 04:30 PM

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All 20 contestants are divided into two groups of ten each.


The top six from each group will advance.
As a wildcard artist, the following Top Highest three contestants with the most votes will proceed to the Top 15.

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See, Autumn having only one vote on the second poll (which is mine) is why I said she was underrated in that other thread lol


Although tbf, that second poll is very strong (I personally didn't like Lauren Diaz though)

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Top 15


Chris Blue
Christiana Danielle
Vanessa Ferguson
Stephanie Rice
Christian Cuevas
Sharane Calister

Wé McDonald
Hunter Plake
Britton Buchanan
Lilli Passero
Jackie Foster
Kelsea Johnson
Michael Sanchez

Anatalia Villaranda (I took the overall votes from Round one because she was tied with Terrence Cunningham and Felicia Temple)

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