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Best Semifinal performance by a Blake Winner


Beat SF performance  

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  1. 1. Pick one

    • Chloe Kohanski - I want to know what love is
    • Craig Wayne Boyd - old rugged cross
    • Cam Anthony - it's so hard to say goodbye
    • Jermaine Paul - against all odds
    • Danielle Bradbery - who I am
    • Sundance Head - love can build a bridge
    • Bryce leatherwood - if heaven wasn't so far away
    • Todd Tilghman - love, me
    • Cassadee Pope - stupid boy
  2. 2. Least favourite..

    • Bryce
    • Cam
    • Jermaine
    • Cassadee
    • Danielle
    • Sundance
    • Chloe
    • Craig
    • Todd

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This will be a tough poll, a lot of great performances. Who's your pick for best SF performance, and how would you rank them all?


Jermaine's performance is not labeled as a semifinal, but its his last performance before the finale so I added it.










Sundance (23:55, there is no video of his semifin anywhere other than in this compilation)










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So I'm listening to all the performances, some for the first time and others I haven't gone back to in years.


My ranking.



- Great


1. cassadee

Hard to believe this is the same singer from the audition and KOs.. that's the type of progress you'd expect to see in a then and now video spanning years, lol. This song fits her like a glove and she absolutely sold the emotion. Not to mention, some crystal clear belting.


2. Cam

Everyone raves about his KO and finale, but this might be my personal favourite of his. He's almost singing acapella and his voice is nearly flawless. I liked all his run placements for once and I actually felt it,

which isnt something i get from Cam often.




- very good


3. Craig

Not too fond of the song, but cant deny this was very good.


4. Chloe

Love her tone and I still think its the most unique of the winners, but I do think this lacks the vocal dynamics of other versions done on the show. A bit too linear.


5. Danielle

This was a fun, pleasant country performance. Not much else to say.


6. Sundance

A bit sleepy but he did pick it up towards the latter half. He's a really good belter 




- average (these are also interchangeable tbh..)

7. Todd

I like Todd but this sounded a bit karaoke to me


8. Bryce

Look above, except Bryce is a bit less dynamic..


9. Jermaine

Not gonna lie I always find Jermaine entertaining, certainly more than the 2 performances above him. But he did miss the most vocally out of anyone here.. so, sorry, someone's gotta be last.

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1 hour ago, Gustavo527 said:

Not really, it took me five seconds to pick Stupid Boy on the first question 🙂. (Y'all know who i picked on the second)

Lol poor bryce..


You listened to jermaines performances and you still like him better?



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1 minute ago, jarmon said:

I hate to admit it but I've listened to his semi-finals performance the most :dead:

Just for his appearance without the hat? 😼/j

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1. Easy. Craig Wayne Boyd. Loved Danielle’s performance too.


2. Jermaine I guess lmao, kinda by default because everyone else was also strong and he’s my least favorite winner

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10 hours ago, Hsamid said:

Lol poor bryce..


You listened to jermaines performances and you still like him better?



Well, Bryce was probably objectively better than him lol. But i just can't get into Bryce's voice, and i still hate the fact that he won after having so many weak performances. 


Now, Jermaine wins in the "Least favorite winner audition" category, hands down. 

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