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xfactor22’s The Voice US Season 23 Redo


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Because this season was so short and so many talented artists didn’t get to show what they were truly capable of, I’m redoing the Voice Season 23 my way. Format is also change. Some of the changes will include:




*The battles eliminating only 4 people (ex. 3 steals, 1 play off pass per coach). Partially because there’s so many good talent I can’t possibly get rid of so many at first (it even pains me to get rid of the four I’m eliminating here. I just prefer others)






*While there still will be playoff passes, the contestants who received the playoff pass will still perform. They advanced so they’re not competing against anyone. It just will give them more exposure and screen time 


*There being more nights. And POs being hypothetically “live”


Not 100% sure on the format but it’s might be something like this


Top 40 battles

Top 36 Knockouts/Playoff Pass Performances 

Top 24 Playoffs Round 1

Top 20 Playoffs Round 2

Top 16 Playoffs Round 3/Final Playoffs Round

Top 13

Top 12

Top 10

Top 9

Top 8

Top 6 Quarterfinals 

Top 5 Semifinals

Top 3 Finale 



*and like usually in some redoes, contestants will sing songs not sung on the voice. Also the battle pairings and teams will be switched up




Posting teams in an hour and then will post the first round of battles by sometime tonight or earlier.   Also, I’m changing the coach line-up for a different line-up of coaches. No shade to them, I just wanna switch coaches. 



ps. Mods. Feel free to move this to a different subforum if it doesn’t exactly fit her 

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Ok. The coaches I decided to use for my Voice Season 23 redo are 

Ava Max, Naomi Scott, Ed Sheeran, and Selena Gomez




And here are teams




Team Ava Max

1. Carlos Rising

2. Gina Miles

3. Holly Brand

4. Kate Cosentino

5. Katie Beth Forakis

6. Laura Littleton 

7. Mariah Kalia

8. Neil Salsich

9. Tasha Jessen

10. Tiana Goss 




Team Naomi Scott

1. Alex Whalen

2. Cait Martin 

3. EJ Michels

4. JB Somers

5. Michael B.

6. NariYella

7. Rachel Ray

8. Sorelle

9.  Walker Wilson



Team Ed Sheeran

1. ALI

2. Allie Keck

3. D. Smooth

4. Jamar Langley 

5. Kala Banham

6. Kason Lester

7. Magnus

8. Mary Kate Connor

9. Ross Clayton

10. Sheer Element 




Team Selena Gomez

1. Alyssa Lazar

2. Chloe Abbott

3. Grace West

4. Jerome Godwin III

5. Kylee Dayne 

6. Manessah Samone 

7. Marcos Covos 

8. Ray Uriel 

9. Ryley Tate Wilson 




Thoughts on the teams? Who are y’all rooting for in my redo? Based on the teams, who do you think will be paired with who? 

Any  comment is appreciated 



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xfactor22’s Voicr 23 Redo: Battles Pt I


Welcome to my redo where I decide how I want season 23 to actually go. Fair warning: My opinions differ from many IDF users so there may be some “shocking” eliminations. I think the whole top 40 is talented, but some of it just comes down to preference, the amount of media each contestant has to work with, etc. Anyways, here it goes: 



1. Kate Cosentino vs. Neil Salsich “Big Spender”

Ed: Damn. That was great. I’d give the edge Kate 

Naomi: real great work. I think I slightly prefer Neil

Selena Gomez: This is amazing. I refuse to pick a preference. You’re both amazing


Ava: It’s so hard. Both of you have a great stage presence and great voices. The winner of this battle is Neil.


All 3 coaches press their button to steal Kate


Ava uses her playoff pass on Kate.

2. Michael B. vs. NariYella “Shallow


Ava Max: You both did great. 
Selena Gomez: I felt I was at Broadway

Ed Sheeran: This was a good performance


Naomi Scott: Y’all both did well, but the winner of the battle is Michael 


NariYella is eliminated.


3. Grace West vs. Chloe Abbot “Coat of Many Colors”


Ava Max: this is a jam

Naomi Scott: I enjoy this. I thing Chloe should win

Ed Sheeran: While you both did great, I disagree with Naomi and prefer Grace


Selena Gomez: You’re both awesome but the winner of the battle is Grace 


Naomi steals Chloe



4. Marcos Covos vs Talia Smith “Bang Bang”


Ava Max: Y’all both killed it. I wish y’all both would advance

Naomi:  Now that’s what you call a show

Ed Sheeran: Wow. This is great



Selena Gomez: Y’all are both good but the winner of the battle is Talia 


Ava steals Marcos 



Kala Banham vs. Mary Kate Connor “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”


Ava Max: This is great. I’d give the edge to Kala

Naomi: I honestly couldn’t choose a winner both are so good

Selena Gomez: I like both, but MKC wins this for me


Ed Sheeran: both are great, but the winner of this battle is Mary Kate Connor 


Ava Max and Naomi Scott both attempt to steal Kala. Kala picks…find out in part 2.


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