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Best Jazz performance on the show


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The genre is seldom done, but when it is the cover is usually great. I don't remember a bad jazz performance on the voice.


So, what do you think is the best jazz performance on the show?


Not making a poll yet because if im being honest I can't remember any jazz performances before season 13.


Here's the few I can remember.


Cedrice- Fever

John Holiday - Misty

Davon Fleming - me and Mrs Jones

Kim Cruse - summertime

Kala Banham - my funny valentine


All of these performances I'd give no lower than 8.


Any other notable jazz performances I'm missing? If we can find some more I'll make a poll.

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All of those are fantastic, but out of that list... I'm gonna have to go with "Summertime" by Kim Cruse. That was genuinely one of my favorite moments in the history of the show. Davon Fleming and Kala Banham are very close behind.


They're all 10s, but... like, 10s of varying degrees lol. Well, actually, Kim Cruse is 11.

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Ok, maybe she is not a powerful singer like the ones listed but i would add Amy Vachal's "A Sunday Kind Of Love".  


Her Playoffs' performance "The Way You Look Tonight" was also good. Maybe not her best, but still, underrated.

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23 minutes ago, Gustavo527 said:

Lili Passero's audition counts as jazz?? Because she killed that one. Too bad she never was able to top it during her run.


I just did a quick Google search and apparently the original itself is qualified as soul/rnb and not jazz


It's not clear cut though. For instance, I dont think Thunderstorm or his arrangement sounded jazzy at all despite covering a jazz song. But Lilli sounds pretty jazz inspired.


I'm no expert or even an avid listener of jazz though, so idk.



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