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SCD Series 21 Discussion Thread

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On 10/3/2023 at 12:48 PM, Abe1818 said:

I think "Rock The Boat" has become the new "Don't Go Yet".  Both are cursed on these shows😭

Ahh yeah you're right. That song really is cursed on here. 🙈

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As I often love to do, I'll do a Youtube views post of this week's dances! I'm not sure if I will be able to do this two times a week like I have done in the past (like mid-week and at the end of the week). Maybe some weeks I can. We'll see, but I'll certainly do a views post once a week, so here are this week's stats!


Week 2 Dances Views + Likes:
1. Layton & Nikita - Quickstep: 381,430 views / 3.1k likes
2. Amanda & Giovanni - Salsa: 285,458 views / 974 likes
3. Bobby & Dianne - Charleston: 226,242 views / 1.5k likes
4. Angela S & Carlos - Jive: 210,326 views / 751 likes
5. Ellie & Vito - Foxtrot: 169,635 views / 794 likes
6. Angela R & Kai - Foxtrot: 156,933 views / 758 likes
7. Les & Nancy - Samba: 151,751 views / 326 likes
8. Nikita & Gorka - Charleston: 90,342 views / 313 likes
9. Jody & Jowita - Paso Doble: 87,986 views / 299 likes
10. Nigel & Katya - Viennese Waltz: 87,432 views / 935 likes
11. Zara & Graziano - Quickstep: 85,399 views / 361 likes
12. Eddie & Karen - Cha-Cha: 83,342 views / 408 likes
13. Annabel & Johannes - Quickstep: 80,844 views / 369 likes
14. Adam & Luba - Tango: 75,319 views / 356 likes
15. Krishnan & Lauren - Foxtrot: 30,377 views / 324 likes

Top 3 Likes:
1. Layton & Nikita - Quickstep
2. Bobby & Dianne - Charleston
3. Amanda & Giovanni - Salsa

Bottom 3 Likes:
1. Jody & Jowita - Paso Doble
2. Nikita & Gorka - Charleston
3.  Krishnan & Lauren - Foxtrot

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Some fun behind the scenes Movie night type clips ahead of tonight's show, coming on within the next hour! 😄 :haha: 





And some camera blocking footage ahead of tonight's show:



Based on the clip, this really looks like it could be Angela S' week this week. 😮 

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Gonna post some quick recaps/notes of dances I see online. 



- Sounds like the opening group dance was something Disney related.
- Oooh and sounds like Amy made an appearance on the show tonight too. ❤️


The first three dances:


Nigel & Katya - Jive: 6/6/6/7 = 25
Angela R & Kai - Quickstep: 6/7/6/7 = 26
Zara & Graziano - Paso Doble: 6/6/6/7 = 25


- Ooh Nigel should be a good show opener with his Batman Jive. Sounds like Nigel had a fun dance and got to show off a more fun/comedic side here. Doesn't sound like it was his best dance from what I'm seeing but it was fun. Lots of complaints about their outfits also ruining the dance, lol. Sounds like Shirley is making up her treatment to Nigel this week with loving him this week. Sounds like the judges loved it (much more than the online fandom) but that their scores didn't match the comments?
- Angela's dance sounds like it was quite slow and not really looking like a Quickstep. Sounds like mixed thoughts all around with some liking the dance and thinking it was nice and others not enjoying it. I did think the song choice didn't really suit the style. Sounds like the judges are criticizing the dance.
- Seeing not too many positive comments on Zara's Paso, but have seen some comments saying that she is improving and showing more confidence. But some felt the technique was lacking a bit and seeing stompy comments.

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Not able to find scores right now, so I'll find/post what I have and will edit later.


Layton & Nikita - Viennese Waltz: 7/7/7/7 = 28
Angela S & Carlos - Charleston: 9/9/8/9 = 35
Amanda & Giovanni - Rumba: 6/8/8/8 = 30

- Sounds like Layton had a really strong dance and has had easily the best dance of the night so far. Will it stick that way? Who knows. Mostly positive comments on this one. Sounds like it was a really emotional dance that showcased a different side of him. It doesn't sound as great as last week and sounds like the judges got some criticism - sounds like Craig saying it was overdone.
- Now  it sounds like Angela S has had the best dance so far. Lots of love for it saying she brought great energy, technique and performance to it. Though some did note of some timing issues. Lots of people didn't like the song but still felt she did a fantastic job. I think I saw that Anton called it the dance of the series so far. 😮
- Sounds like Amanda's Rumba went really well. Sounds like it was elegant, lovely and that Amanda had nice & lovely lines throughout it. On some critical side, sounds like there were a few sticky spots and was a bit harsh at times. Oooh Craig gave it a 6 and there's outrage about that.

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Nikita & Gorka - Jive = 4/6/5/6 = 21
Ellie & Vito - Viennese Waltz = 8/9/8/8 = 33


- Not seeing any positive comments on Nikita's Jive. Sounds like it was slow and lacking energy & technique. And not any good kicks & flicks in there. I feard this from the clips I saw. A few comments did feel it was her best dance though. Oooh sounds like she got two 6's, which surprised people.
- Seeing lots of love and positive thoughts on Ellie's VW. Sounds like it was really beautiful, well done and one of the best dances of the night.

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Next 3 dances:


Bobby & Dianne - Samba: 8/8/8/8 = 32
Jody & Jowita - American Smooth: 4/5/5/6 = 20
Eddie & Karen - Couple's Choice: 8/8/10/8 = 34

- Sounds like mixed thoughts on Bobby's dance. Some loved it and thought it was fun. Some didn't enjoy it. Sounds like it wasn't technically great but that he really threw himself into the dance. Oooh the more I'm reading, the more positive comments and love I'm seeing on it. Sounds liek he had some good hip action. Lots calling it their favorite dance of the night so far.
- There sounds like there was some issue with Jody's prospehetic leg this week, where he was unable to dance some this week. I'm not sure of all the details. It sounds like this was a nice and lovely routine. But also sounds like it lacked the flashes and flair that the AS usually has. Sounds like mixed thoughts. Sounds like he got the lowest score and scored lower than Nikita tonight.
- Oh with most of the frontrunners/strong dancers performing early tonight, I thought Eddie's dance was gonna close the show but I'm guessing not. :dead: Sounds like there were some sync issues. And from what I always read about Couple's Choice, people never love it and that's what I'm seeing so I'll take it all with a grain of salt as I'm sure I'll love it. But with seeing more comments, there are some positives in that he's done really well with this. Sounds like Craig loved it, so I'm sure the other judges loveed it too. Ooh wow I see Shirley gave this a 10, which has the comments I'm seeing raging, lmao.  :dead: Sounds like it could have been 8s from the other judges.

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Annabel & Johannes - Waltz: 8/8/7/7 = 30
Adam & Luba - Jive = 5/7/7/7 = 27
Krishnan & Lauren - Charleston: 8/8/7/7 = 30

- Sounds like Annabel's Waltz was really lovely, charming and well done. Sounds like it was a really emotional dance. I think I'm hearing this got 7s and 8s - a 7 from Shirley.
- Seeing mixed thouths on Adam's Jive. Some felt he didn't do too well or some didn't like the Mario theme. But then some felt he gave it a good effort and had fun with this. Sounds like his kicks and flicks could have been sharper. Also sounds like Shirley really loved it. I think he got a point higher than Nigel which I was not expecting.
- Sounds like Krishnan improved from previous dances and that he's performed well and had a lot of fun here. The technique and energy seemed to be lacking but still sounds like he had a blast. Though others are saying it's not anything like Joe/Katya's dance of the same song, which is to be expected lol. Sounds like his best dance so far.

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Scores for Movie week!


1. Angela S & Carlos - 35
2. Eddie & Karen - 34
3. Ellie & Vito - 33
4. Bobby & Dianne - 32
5. Amanda & Giovanni - 30
5. Annabel & Johannes - 30
5. Krishnan & Lauren - 30
8. Layton & Nikita - 28
9. Adam & Luba - 26
9. Angela R & Kai - 26
11. Nigel & Katya - 25
11. Zara & Graziano - 25
13. Nikita & Gorka - 21
14. Jody & Jowita - 20

Lmao these scores are really surprising and seem all over the place. :wacko: :dead: Some people I'm shocked to see so low and some others I'm shocked to see so high. Yeah, all over the place. Definitely curious and very interested in seeing this episode.  

As for predictions, I still feel like it's very likely about Nikita going. Jody may get some sympathy vote to help him out for this tough week on him. But if he's in the bottom, I could see him going. I think Zara could be in real danger as well (especially if Jody escapes it). So I'm thinking either Nikita vs. Jody or Nikita vs. Zara? I do really fear for Layton as he's quite low on the leaderboard and not sure if he has the fanbase to help him from the middle. I could see it as an early Fleur B2 appearance but really hoping I'm wrong there and that doesn't happen. This is also a test for people like Adam, Angela R and Nigel but I think the latter two should be fine. Think Adam would be okay too.

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Week 3 Movie Night thoughts!

Okay I read lots of craziness with this episode sooo I'm rewady to watch! LOL this cheesy intro of Anton as Ant-Man or something? lmao so cheesy. :dead: But what wasn't cheesy, was the Disney 100 special group dance. This was a really beautiful tribute to so many Disney films and classic. Really beautifully done and danced from all of the pro dancers. ❤️ Aww and it's cute how Mickey and Minnie walked out with Tess & Claudia. Wow so many of the cast looks unrecognizable this week.

Nigel & Katya - Jive: Oooh Batman is a really fun theme for Nigel & Katya. Lmaoo omgg this cheesy Batman intro is so cheesy and hilarious. :lmao: There were sp,e funny clips in this intro. And it's also nice for Nigel to have a fun and campy dance here as he's had two quite serious dances prior to this. LOL yeah this was such a 180 from his other dances, for sure. It was a really fun and entertaining dance. Definitely brought the cheese and fun... and I thought Nigel did a really good job with the Batman characterization. Technically speaking, it did seem hit or miss. He had some good moments and decent kicks & flicks and good swing action but also had some mistakes in there. I get Craig's comments on the kicks & flicks being flat footed and needing to be sharper.  The score of 25 did surprise me a bit, especially as the comments were very positive. I think the 25 is fine but could have also pushed it up to a 26 as well.

Aww it was a really lovely moment seeing Amy reading the terms & conditions. ❤️  She's over halfway through her chemotheraphy  treatment and hopes to be back dancing soon!

Angela R & Kai - Quickstep: I think Angela R getting to play Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music is a perfect fit for her. I do worry about how Angela can handle the Quickstep and awww some of her comments about the speed, #bless her heart. ❤️ omg I can't take Kai in that blonde wig. :dead: This was a pretty cute, lovely and enjoyable dance from Angela. It definitely felt really slow and not like a Quickstep at all for a good first half of the routine. It felt like a Foxtrot in fact... and kinda boring for a Quickstep. *hides* But then I liked it more as the dance picked up in speed. Angela did have that sweet infectious charm and pure joy here. She did have lovely lines and showcased them well here. She provided a good frame but oooh Craig ppiunted a lot of technical faults I didn't really notice but it sounds fair. I did feel there was some hesistant in the faster parts. But it was a nice dance. I think the mix of 6's/7's for a 26 was fair, I would go in the 25-26 range here as well.

Zara & Graziano - Paso Doble: A Puss in Boots theme  for Zara & Graziano is something I did not expect for them. :dead: I am so curious how this will turn out. Oooh loved the footage they showed from the movie and how they want to capture that feeling. I do think bringing out that fierce and intense firey character will be a challenge for Zara... though some of her facial expressions in the training... she was trying, for sure, haha. Zara did kinda look like a fierce cat.... Graziano, not sooo much. :haha: Love his Puss in Boots get up. :haha: Okay I do feel like Zara is really trying and improving in her performing and dancing each week.  I thought she had fun getting into that fierce kitty mode/character. I do think her footwork was kinda stompy and lacked the slickness needed for the dancing. But I thought she showcased some pretty nice lines and spanish shaping. She's getting there and getting better each week though. :yes: That's part of the Strictly journey after all. Lmaoo the old laptop comment that Zara said Graziano reminds her of, lol. Shirley disagreeing with Craig and giving Zara so much praise yet she gives the same score as Craig. :huh: Another 25.... it's fair and her best score yet but I'd probably give her another 7 for a 26.

Layton & Nikita - Viennese Waltz: It wouldn't be movie night without a Grease theme. But I like how Layton got an unexpected and out of the box song choice with "There Are Worse Things I Could Do." Ooh and it's cool that Layton gets to play and protray Rizzo and it was nice hearing how he relates to her. I remember Layton mentioning he was wanting to wear dresses for some dances so it's nice and fitting that he gets to do so here. I wasn't sure about this song with this style at first but I felt they made it work. This dance did have a very dramatic, emotional and intense feel to it. I thought Layton brought a lot of heart and emotion to the dance and it was nice seeing this vulnerable side of him as a performer. He did showcase some lovely lines and he did showcase some lovely leg extensions (like in some of the spins). There were some technical footwork faults that the judges pointed out. I think there are a few little issues with Layton not feeling as comfortable in the following position as he does seem to want to take lead in the dance. Oooh Anton showed a great demo of his frame/in hold position and how to fix that. Ooof . Aww it's nice seeing Nikita's parents in the audience. The 7s were fair but I do think he should have gotten some 8s in there.  The 28 did seem a little low, as I would have gone more for a 29 or 30. 

Angela S & Carlos - Charleston: I don't really know much about Damn Yankees but really looking forward to this dance as Angela's training footage of this was looking sharp. The movie footage they showed/saw looked really intricate too. 😮 And oh wow Angela really looked like the lady in the movie here. Okay I get the complaints about the song choice though... it was kinda annoying at times, lol. But wow I thoughe Angela pulled this off and delivered a really impressive Charleston. She had great and high energy level throughout the dance! Her timing and sync matched so well with Carlos and they danced so well as a team here. I loved their partnering work they did and all of their side by side work. Angela had great footwork and swivels action throughout the footwork. This dance suited her so well and she brought everything needed for this dance. :omg: She's another one that is getting better and better. She's definitely up there amongst the contenders.  LMAO Carlos' "she had to match my level, which is incredible!" :dead: Glad she didn't get underscored - though the 8 from Shirley a bit errr. But a 35 is still really great, though I'd go with straight 9s for a 36! Omg their reactions to their scores were epic. :dead:

Amanda & Giovanni - Rumba: Ooh a Bridget Jones Rumba.... I can't say I ever imagined this movie to be portrayed. Amanda has been quite impressive so far, so I had a good feeling the Rumba would be a very well suited dance for her. I did like Gio's demo of the dance. Amanda looks sooo different with that blonde wig. I also don't get the point of her wearing pajamas at the start of the show when she doesn't wear it for this dance? :dead: But I guess it's for the movie? This was a really pretty and stunning Rumba from Amanda. She really captured the style of the dance and characterization of it so well. She had nice hip action and partnering work and leg action throughout the dance. Whoa, that leg split she did was impressive. 😮 I loved that part! I think one part it got a little rough. Maybe that's what Craig means by it lacking flow at times? But all in all, it was another very good and solid dance from Amanda. Oooh she got Shirley's approving of Amanda's Rumba walks and the Shirley splits (where she thought Amanda executed it better than her).  I do think the 6 from Craig was a little harsh but the 8s from the other judges seemed fair. With Shirley's comments, I thought she would have gave a 9. I would have gone for a 31, maybe 32 instead of a 30.

Nikita & Gorka - Jive: Oooh dear.... a Jive after a Charleston for Nikita? Oh dear, I reallly feel for the girl here. The show is doing her no favors. I worried for her with this dance. Then awww at all of her rehearsals with her talking about her confidence taking a knock. :( This was all sad to watch. :broken: I love Clueless and really love that this movie is represented in this week's theme! :wub: It's nice seeing a movie represented I love and know so well, as I often feel clueless on the movies they show. :haha: Okay I'll start off with some good, this did come off and was better than what I saw from the rehearsals. She had a bit more energy and looked more into the dance on the live show. Sadly, her energy is a little better but it's still so low and I still want soo much more from her. :( Yeah Craig's comments while critical, he was spot on - as she was flat footed and lacked the retraction and proper technique needed for the Jive. It does make her dancing look heavy footed. The 6s did seem really generous but I don't mind it as those scores should boost her confidence. I would go with more 5s and maybe a 4 for a 19, or even a 20, though.... but a 21 is good for her. 

Oooh and congrats to Neil (and his girlfriend?) on welcoming their baby girl this week!

Ellie & Vito - Viennese Waltz: Ellie has been the Consistency Queen of the season so I have high hopes for her Encanto VW. Lmaooo Vito calling hula hoop the "lola hole".... which uhhh whattt? :dead:  I have not watched Encanto so I don't know this song but it's nice to see something so new on here! While Ellie is consistent, I also feel she is slowly getting better each week. She's shown 3 different sides of her as a performer and is just doing so well with these dances. It was nice seeing this more serious and emotional side of her with this Viennese Waltz. She danced so lovely and stunning while in hold. She and Vito moved and gelled so well in hold and danced it so fluidly. She showed off some nice and lovely lines. She had really good footwork, all of which the judges got technical and praised her on. Ooooh nice that she got a 9 in there from Motsi with the rest of the 8s. I may got for straight 8s with a 32 but can't complain at that 9 for a 33.

Bobby & Dianne - Samba: I think the Romeo & Juliet theme is a good one for Bobby & Dianne. I did really fear of the Samba for him with him being so slim and tall... and I didn't think it would be a style that would suit him. lmaoo this intro of him really trying to channel and getting into Romeo. :haha: Ooh and Dianne makes a really pretty Juliet too. Ooh wow okay Bobby did much better than I was expecting here. This dance was a GOOD TIME and such a blast here. With Bobby's little solo at the start, I was definitely worried and a bit fearful. But wait up.... this isn't supposed to be that good? :dead: Wow, Bobby brought out some unexpected hip action. He really had a lot of good rhythm and great partnering work with Dianne. He had some good footwork and good hip action. Yeah he just really threw himself into the dance and really had a blast. It was so fun and entertaining to watch. :bobo: And as usual, they have great and fun chemistry here. This was such an unexpected surprise and this dance made me really smile. Ido agree with Craig that Bobby made this dance look natural for him. Yayy for the straight 8's, which I can't disagree with. 

Jody & Jowita - American Smooth: I just watched Up some time recently, so yayy I'm a little more familiar with this. It was nice seeing Jody into the dance/feel of it, despite it not feeling natural for him. But oooo nooo, his prospethic side of his leg got swollen where he couldn't put the leg on for some time. Ooof that's so sad to hear there, as it caused him some days from training. :( I thought thiswas a very cute and charming dance. Okay so wow Jody did such a nice job with performing this dance and selling the story of it. It was all very sweet and endearing. Some parts of it, especially towards the end kinda even got me choked up and got me into it. Aww. :blushingwave: Okay the dancing wasn't the greatest. Sometimes he seems too forward in frame/in hold and it is kinda awkward there. I get that it wasn't as smooth or gelled as it could have been. Ooh Motsi brought up good points of the lack of flow in transitions. But yeah the actual performance and storytelling, he sold it there. I think his best dance, maybe? Ooh and with only 2 days of training as well. The 4 did seem a little harsh. The 20 overall seemed fair, but would have pushed it up one more point to a 21.

Eddie & Karen - Couple's Choice: Oooh I love Men in Black and this song choice, so this is one of the dances I'm most looking forward to. Oooh with this being Eddie's Couple's Choice, it's nice seeing his personal backstory and seeing him talking with his family and how important they are to him. You really can't go wrong with a Karen Hip-Hop Couple's Choice and this is another dance to add to that list. This was the breakthrough dance Eddie needed and I knew he could give/deliver. This was such a slick, cool and really entertaining dance. Eddie & Karen's styles matched really well with each other. He had the style, groove and attitude down with how he performed and danced this. He's always had good musicality and he really showed that off here. And most importantly, this was SO fun! :bobo: I think there were a few minor sync issues but that didn't take me out of the dance (lol Anton of all judges alluding to that). The 8s did seem fair but omgg Shirley's 10 was such a shocking moment. Maybe the 10 was a bit much but I'm not that mad at it. 34 is a great score, though I may go a smidge down to a 33. I loved his reaction to Shirley's 10 though.

Annabel & Johannes - Waltz: Breakfast At Tiffany's with portraying Audrey Hepburn seems like a good fit for Annabel. lmaoo at them with this intro calling it Breakfast At Annabel's. :lmao: Annabel really looks the part of the dance here. This was a very lovely, understated and stunning dance from Annabel. She danced it well with so much grace, elegance and flow throughout the dance. She did have a nice frame and showed off some lovely lines. I think there may have been a few little shaky moments but this was a big improvement from her Quickstep. In fact, I think this is her best dance yet. Aww Craig's Darcey Bussell shoutout in saying Annabel reminded him of her. I was not expecting Craig to be one of the higher scoring judges. 😮 But a mix of 8's and 7's sounds fair for this. I would go with a 30 here too.

Adam & Luba - Jive: Ooh lol I think the Super Mario Bros theme is perfect for Adam as I can see him pulling off Mario. Poor Luba having to play Luigi. :haha: Aww Luba meeting up with Adam's kids was reallly cute and adorable. And their reaction to him having that theme was adorable. :haha: I heard Adam only had 1 day to rehearse this day, due to heavy Waterloo Road work commitments so that made me worry for him with this dance. But oooo another "Take on Me" Jive. I thought this was a really cute, fun and entertaining dance. Adam definitely did and portrayed the character well. He really brought out that Mario flavor here. As for the dancing, it was fine. It did seem kinda safe and basic for a Jive and for some reason, I was left wanting more. He danced it pretty tame and like it was lacking energ in the technical aspects. I do agree with Craig in wanting more sharper kicks & flicks and motre retractions... and yeah I get the stilted comments. Luckily Adam's personality and exburance works in his favor in selling the dance. But I think this was a dance he needed for himself after last week. lol Adam calling his brother Ryan "the real life Luigi." The 7s did seem a little high to me. I would have gone for straight 6's and maybe one 7? So I'd go with a 24/25. And lol this got no 6s.

Krishnan & Lauren - Charleston: Lol Krishnan must be the producers favorite as he's always gone towards the end so far. LMAO I can never get over those clips of Lauren happily shouting at him through that Foxtrot. :lmao: I'm looking forward to how Krishnan tackles this Charleston. I see him really throwing himself into this dance. OMG Lauren doing up his makeup in the rehearsals, I love it, haha. Ooh and wow, Krishnan was a real pleasant surprise in this dance. He really threw himself into the character, feel and joy of this dance. He looked like he was having so much fun and really enjoying himself here. This was easily his best dancing (on a technical level) by far. He had some good swivel action/footwork in there. He had good energy throughout. I do feel like some moments, he could have given a bit more energy and he made a few little mistakes in there, which Anton did point out. But yeah this took me by surprise. Aww wow it's so nice seeing his son in the audience, especially when Krishnan said he was appalled of his father doing the show. :haha: Hmmm not sure if I quite agree on the 8s. I would go more for straight 7's, and maybe one 8 in there fro a 28 or 29.

1. Angela S & Carlos - Charleston
2. Eddie & Karen - Couple's Choice
3. Bobby & Dianne - Samba
4. Ellie & Vito - Viennese Waltz
5. Amanda & Giovanni - Rumba
6. Annabel & Johannes - Waltz
7. Layton & Nikita - Viennese Waltz
8. Krishnan & Lauren - Charleston
9. Zara & Graziano - Paso Doble
10. Nigel & Katya - Jive
11. Angela R & Kai - Quickstep
12. Adam & Luba - Jive
13. Jody & Jowita - American Smooth
14. Nikita & Gorka - Jive

Rankings actually seemed kinda easy to figure out this week. I could maybe switch 11/12 around and maybe 6/7? But everything else looks kinda set. Definitely a veryy interesting show. Can't really say it was my favorite Movie Night but I still really enjoyed a number of dances. 

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Haven’t caught the ep yet but watched some of the dances. Nikita’s a sweetheart, it’s a shame to see her go so early but combined with a lack of recognition and just not great dance ability.. it’s fair at this time. :(


Current favourites for me are: Layton, Bobby, Ellie, Eddie and the Angela’s.

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Week 3 Movie Night Results show thoughts!

- Ooh I was so excited to see the Barbie group routine! This was great, fun, camp, cheesy goodness! :bobo: Dianne and Gorka did a really great job as the lead Barbie and lead Ken. Everyone was fun as the other Barbies and Kens too. Nadiya stood out to me there. LOL I also loved Karen as "Weird Barbie" too. :dead: I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm sure they portrayed all the characters/themes of the movie perfectly. All in all, this was really cute and super entertaining. :bobo: 


- Aww kinda sad for Zara & Graziano to be the first couple in the dance off. :( I'm not completely surprised as I thought and had a strong feeling she could have been down there. So I did see this kinda coming. :( She did seem sad about the result but seemed to handle it with grace. 

- Aww Adam's kids dancing to his routine as Mario & Luigi was adorable. 

- Madison Beer performance was really nice. Nadiya & Nikita were dancing the Rumba to her performance and this was a really gorgeous and passionate performance all around. Nadiya was absolutely STUNNING and flawless in this! :wub: :omg: Nikita was really great in this as well! 

- Nikita & Gorka were the 2nd couple to land in the Bottom 2. This was an expected and fair result, though I still feel bad for her landing down there two weeks in a row. :( 

- Zara & Graziano vs. Nikita & Gorka makes up the Bottom 2.  The dance-off dances were pretty much the same level as the performance show versions of it. I do think Zara delivered the stronger dance of the two. All of the judges voted to save Zara, which I do agree with as well. I think Motsi and Anton alluded to a couple making a couple of mistakes, which I'm assuming was Nikita? Didn't really notice that. Hopefully Zara continues to improve and has a good dance next week as I'd like to see her stay in a few more weeks. Anywho while I think this is a fair result, I'm still sad to see Nikita & Gorka go. :( She was really so sad and crushed about the result. Omg awww her comments of feeling she let Gorka down, ugh so sad to watch. :broken: I do think she was slowly improving and I wish she could have had that breakthrough dance moment but it just wasn't in the cards for her, sadly. :( It's really tough as she has no dance experience, starting from the very beginning so I get it was a real challenge for her. I still really like her as a person and love her personality. Gorka had some really nice and sweet words for her, which was lovely to see!


Week 4 dance spoilers:

- Adam & Luba will have the Waltz. Oh I'm kinda shocked he's been really wanting to do that dance but he seems really excited about it, which is good.
- Ellie & Vito will have the Samba to "Copacabana (At the Copa)." Yayy excited to see Ellie back in Latin!

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On 10/7/2023 at 11:34 PM, *Wallace said:


Layton & Nikita - Viennese Waltz: It wouldn't be movie night without a Grease theme. But I like how Layton got an unexpected and out of the box song choice with "There Are Worse Things I Could Do.


Me when I chew Layton up!


On 10/1/2023 at 5:00 PM, *Wallace said:



Amanda & Giovanni - Salsa:



Me when I eat the TERF up with my horribly choreographed and horribly danced salsa!


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Week 4 Songs & Styles are revealed now!

Adam and Luba: Waltz to I Wonder Why by Curtis Stigers

Amanda and Giovanni: Foxtrot to Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac

Annabel and Johannes: Jive to Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man

Angela R and Kai: Rumba to Rise Like A Phoenix by Conchita Wurst

Angela S and Carlos: Viennese Waltz to You Are The Reason by Calum Scott & Leona Lewis

Bobby and Dianne: Tango to Fashion by David Bowie

Eddie and Karen: American Smooth to Sex Bomb by Tom Jones

Ellie and Vito: Samba to Copacabana by Barry Manilow

Jody and Jowita: Salsa to Samba de Janeiro by Bellini

Krishnan and Lauren: Paso Doble to By The Way by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Layton and Nikita: Cha Cha to Million Dollar Bill by Whitney Houston

Nigel and Katya: Salsa to Suavemente by Elvis Crespo

Zara and Graziano: Viennese Waltz to You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me by Brenda Lee


Link:  https://www.instagram.com/p/CyN2U6yNrr_/


- I feel like Adam's song had to be used a bunch of times right? Looking forward to see how he tackles a softer and quieter dance like the Waltz. Could be either forgettable or a pleasant surprise.

- Don't know Amanda's song but I have no doubt she'll pull out another strong dance with this Foxtrot.

- Oooh we get another Jive to "Feel It Still," which I feel like we get every now and then and these dancing shows. I'm not sure how Annabel's will go as I feel it could be kinda tough to predict how she does.

- Oooh Angela R with a Rumba. Interesting and unexpected song choice. She was due to get Latin and this is probably the best Latin style for her to get so she kinda lucked up there, lol.

- Love Angela S' song choice for her VW. She's definitely due for a softer, more vulnerable dance as she hasn't done this year. I believe Lauren/AJ danced this a few years back and that was her best dance, imo. Hoping good things for Angela here.

- I heard that Bobby will have a bit of a modeling theme for his Tango so that should work for him. Also looking forward to how he'll handle a serious passionate dance as he hasn't shown that side of him yet.

- Lol Eddie/Karen's song choice reminds me more of a Cha-Cha song. Nice to see Eddie back in ballroom but that's been his toughest genre yet so I hope he can pull out a good AS. I do fear for him here.

- Really excited to see Ellie's Samba and another fun dance from her. While this is a tricky style, I'm certain she can deliver another strong dance.

- Oooof, Jody probably got the worse draw with a Salsa. He hasn't had an outstanding dance yet and I don't see it happening with the Salsa. Probably gonna be the lowest scoring dance of the week and he could be in danger.

- Oooh, I can't imagine Krishnan with a Paso but again, it'll be nice seeing that intense side of him to see if he can pull that off  - as we've mostly seen happy dances from him.

- Not my favorite Whitney song that Layton has for his dance, but it's nice to see a lesser used Whitney song used. I think Sunetra danced to this years ago in S12, so that was awhile back. Looking forward to another party Latin from him and see how he improves from his Samba.

- Hmmm I can't think of Nigel's song off the top of my head or if it suits a Salsa. I do feel certain he'll do a better Salsa than Jody. I just don't know if it'll be the best or a strong dance for Nigel, but I'm hoping for a surprise. This is the week where he really needs to step it up.

- Oooh yay I was hoping for Zara to get a slower ballroom dance. I think the VW is a great get for her. Hopefully she continues her improvement and can avoid the Bottom 2 with this dance.

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I had some time to do a mid-week views update and will do so for the Week 3 dances below.



Week 3 Dances Views + Likes:
1. Bobby & Dianne - Samba: 422,470 views / 3k likes
2. Amanda & Giovanni - Rumba: 192,829 views / 688 likes
3. Angela S & Carlos - Charleston: 156,913 views / 893 likes
4. Annabel & Johannes - Waltz: 135,852 views / 479 likes
5. Nikita & Gorka - Jive: 124,620 views / 279 likes
6. Angela R & Kai - Quickstep: 118,450 views / 465 likes
7. Krishnan & Lauren - Charleston: 114,853 views / 780 likes
8. Ellie & Vito - Viennese Waltz: 107,785 views / 787 likes
9. Eddie & Karen - Cha-Cha: 99,301 views / 597 likes
10. Adam & Luba - Jive: 93,848 views / 410 likes
11. Layton & Nikita - Viennese Waltz: 80,727 views / 805 likes
12. Jody & Jowita - American Smooth: 50,447 views / 306 likes
13. Nigel & Katya - Jive: 41,450 views / 437 likes
14. Zara & Graziano - Paso Doble: 36,165 views / 313 likes


Top 3 Likes:
1. Bobby & Dianne - Samba
2. Angela S & Carlos - Charleston
3. Layton & Nikita - Viennese Waltz

Bottom 3 Likes:
1. Nikita & Gorka - Jive
2. Jody & Jowita - American Smooth
3. Zara & Graziano - Paso Doble

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Here's the (almost) full week Youtube stats update post.

Week 3 Dances Views + Likes:
1. Bobby & Dianne - Samba: 502,049 views / 3.3k likes (=)
2. Amanda & Giovanni - Rumba: 210,381 views / 742 likes (=)
3. Angela S & Carlos - Charleston: 172,592 views / 957 likes (=)
4. Annabel & Johannes - Waltz: 172,277 views / 516 likes (=)
5. Angela R & Kai - Quickstep: 148,097 views / 499 likes (+1)
6. Nikita & Gorka - Jive: 146,415 views / 298 likes (-1)
7. Ellie & Vito - Viennese Waltz: 133,975 views / 850 likes (+1)
8. Krishnan & Lauren - Charleston: 125,292 views / 834 likes (-1)
9. Eddie & Karen - Couple's Choice: 121,498 views / 644 likes (=)
10. Adam & Luba - Jive: 119,790 views / 448 likes (=)
11. Layton & Nikita - Viennese Waltz: 102,186 views / 864 likes (=)
12. Jody & Jowita - American Smooth: 67,690 views / 327 likes (=)
13. Nigel & Katya - Jive: 46,797 views / 474 likes (=)
14. Zara & Graziano - Paso Doble: 40,477 views / 336 likes (=)

Top 3 Likes:
1. Bobby & Dianne - Samba
2. Angela S & Carlos - Charleston
3. Layton & Nikita - Viennese Waltz

Bottom 3 Likes:
1. Nikita & Gorka - Jive
2. Jody & Jowita - American Smooth
3. Zara & Graziano - Paso Doble

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And also here's a weekly clip of camera blocking footage of tonight's dances. Show should be on within 40 minutes.


 Looking like there could be a number of strong dances. Looking forward to Angela S, Bobby, Layton, Ellie, Amanda, Angela R and Nigel dances the most. On the other hand, Jody's Salsa is not looking good at all but was kinda expecting that. 🙈 Also already worried for Eddie too.

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First 3 dances. Not finding the scores right now (i can edit those later), but I can still post little recaps:



Ellie & Vito - Samba: 7/7/7/7 = 28
Adam & Luba - Waltz: 8/8/8/8 = 32
Jody & Jowita - Salsa: 3/5/5/6 = 19

- Reading lots of great and positive comments on Ellie's Samba. Lots of people commenting on her consistency and what a strong way to start the show. Though many also said it wasn't her best dance but still very good. Sounds like Shirley mentioned mistakes Ellie made and Ellie felt like she let Vito down. :( Many also feeling she was a bit underscored.
- Seeing mixed thoughts on Adam's Waltz. Some saying the dance did nothing for them and didn't flow. Some thought it was lovely and felt like it was his best dance yet. And a random note, sounds like Kym Marsh is in the audience. It sounds like they got at least a 30.
- Ooof reading that Jody's Salsa went really bad and yeah not seeing many positive thoughts here. Lots saying he looked/felt uncomfortable dancing this and sounds like Jowita was dancing a lot around him. Sounds like the lifts were good, at least. Also sounds like he could be in danger... and it's his birthday today too. Ooh Anton gave a 6 which people feel was ridiculous, but I'm not surprised with Anton there. :dead:

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Amanda & Giovanni - Foxtrot: 7/8/8/8 = 31
Krishnan & Lauren - Paso Doble: 6/7/7/8 = 28


- Seeing mostly positive but some mixed thoughts on Amanda's Foxtrot. Many are saying it was lovely, well danced and the best dance of the night. Some felt it was dull and not really a standout. Craig made some critiques that got him boo'd, which is the usual, of course lol.
- There are lots of complaints that the music didn't suit well for Krishnan's Paso. It sounds like he didn't nail it technically and seemed  stilted but he still gave it his all and performed it well. I'm reading that Anton gave an 8 for him, which many people are disagreeing with.

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Next three dances:


Zara & Graziano - Viennese Waltz: 7/7/7/7 = 28
Annabel & Johannes - Jive: 7/7/7/8 = 29
Eddie & Karen - American Smooth: 4/7/6/7 = 24

- lol I'm seeing more comments on Zara's beautiful dress and the fog covering her footwork than her actual dance. But ok reading further along, looks like mixed thoughts. Some felt it was boring and too much faff. But some felt it was really pretty, elegant and her best yet. I'm thinking she got a 28?
- Sounds like Annabel had a 60s inspired style Jive. Another dance that sounds like it got mixed thoughts. Some loved it, some found it too elegant for a Jive, some thought it was clunky. LOL then I read two comments back to back saying - it was her worst dance yet and another saying it was her best dance yet. :dead: I'm not sure what to think from this, lol.
- LOL I am really curious to hear the version of "Sex Bomb" Eddie dances to as many people are not really liking the song choice.  Sounds like Eddie's AS wasn't too well recieved as there were some issues with his frame/in hold work and he had hunched shoulders. But then some others enjoyed it and noted that he can move well. Ooof at Craig's 4. Sounds like he could be in danger, which I was kinda thinking could happen. :(

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Layton & Nikita - Cha-Cha: 9/10/9/9 = 37
Nigel & Katya - Salsa: 8/9/8/8 = 33

- Sounds like Layton is back on top form as lots of people thought he was fantastic and delivered a really strong dance. A few wasn't crazy about it. But many are calling it the best dance of the night so far.
- Also sounds like Nigel is back on top form too. Sounds like he had the rhythm and basics down well for the Salsa and danced it well, but some felt like the lifts weren't executed too well. Sound like a lift(s) at the end were wobbly? But sounds great other than that. Oooh he improved his scores with his highest score yet.

The Angela's and Bobby will be the last three to perform.

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Last three dances:


Angela S & Carlos - Viennese Waltz: 7/7/7/7 = 28
Angela R & Kai - Rumba: 8/7/8/8 = 31
Bobby & Dianne - Tango: 7/7/8/8 = 30

- Reading mostly positive thoughts on Angela S' VW. Sounds like it was a lovely and very beautiful dance but not as standout as her dance from last week (which is to be expected as that was a really strong dance). Some felt it wasn't too memorable. Ooof sounds like Shirley was really critical of this dance. OMG not another 28 on the leaderboard though - that's a 4 way tie. :dead:
- Sounds like Angela R's Rumba had mixed reaction. Some loved it and then some didn't. Sounds like it had a lot of tricks and that Angela showcased her  flexiblity and did some splits. Some thought her upper body was on the stiff side. And sounds like Rumba content was lacking. Sounds like the ending was controversial... lots of talk about it, so I'm curious what happened there. :haha:
- Reading some mixed thoughts on Bobby's Tango. I'm seeing comments of their height difference being noticeable with Bobby crouching over Dianne with issues with the frame and some not liking the song choice for the dance. People noticed him counting through the dance. Sounds like it wasn't his best but was still a decent dance. Ooh then later comments I'm seeing loved the dance and thought the theme really suited him. It sounds like he was disappointed with himself with the dance.

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Overall Week 4 Leaderboard:
1. Layton and Nikita: 37 (13 points)
2. Nigel and Katya: 33 (12 points)
3. Adam and Luba: 32 (11 points)
4. Amanda and Giovanni: 31 (10 points)
4. Angela R and Kai: 31 (10 points)
6. Bobby and Dianne: 30 (9 points)
7. Annabel and Johannes: 29 (8 points)
8. Angela S and Carlos: 28 (7 points)
8. Ellie and Vito: 28 (7 points)
8. Krishnan and Lauren: 28 (7 points)
8. Zara and Graziano: 28 (7 points)
12. Eddie and Karen: 24 (6 points)
13. Jody and Jowita: 19 (5 points)

Hmmm def another tough one to call this weekend, especially with there being so many ties on the leaderboard. I do think the ones most in danger are Jody, Eddie and Zara. I was hoping for this to be a breakthrough week for Zara to keep her out of the bottom 2 but I'm not really so sure about that now. Though she could beat either Eddie or Jody in the dance off. I'm thinking Jody goes, for the most part. But he's survived very low leaderboard positions so he could make it through again, which worries me. 

I do think tonight will really test Angela S and Ellie to see how popular they are with the public. I'm a little nervous for them though I think others are in more danger (hopefully they'll be fine). Then I have no idea what to think with Annabel but think she should be fine. I think Krishnan is probably more popular with the public then I think. Everyone else (in the Top 6) I think should be totally fine.

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