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SCD Series 21 Discussion Thread

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Yay watched the show last night!



Week 1 Thoughts!

Yayy so happy and excited for a new series of Strictly starting! 😄 I read comments of the opening/intro feeling very Love Island-esque, which I didn't get but after watching it, totally got it. :lmao: It was a cute/fun intro. The opening group routine to "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", which had a Contemporary and ballroom fusion/feel to it, was really stunning and beautiful to watch! :wub: Katya & Nikita did a wonderful job as the leads of the dance!

Adam & Luba - Cha-Cha: I feel like Adam is a good celeb to open up this series. I am interested in this partnership as he's so giddy/overexcited and OTT while Luba is so sreserved and more on the serious side. LOL Adam is hilarious in these rehearsals. :haha: This was a cute opening dance and it really suited Adam's personality perfectly. The waffle house theme was fitting for this. It was fun and he was having the time of his life performing this. :haha: The dancing did seem kinda hit or miss throughout - he had some decent moments but the footwork and some partnering sections didn't look so good. Kinda like Anton said, the top half was good/fun but the footwork was suspect and sloppy. I think he just needs to refine the technique. LOL that he was able to bust in the robot move in there but hopefully that's not something that won't happen too much. :haha: Oooh his wife in the audience is really gorgeous. I think the score was fair. I'd go with a 19 or 20.

Angela S & Carlos - Tango: LOL Carlos' version of "Prisoner" when he told Angela that was their song. And haha I enjoyed Angela's commentary of learning the Tango. Oooh I do love taht they got a cool modern song choice for their Tango. She was a little shaky on one of the opening spins, but other than that, I thought she gave a good and solid effort here. She really captured and got into the Tango attitude and passion for the dance. She did have some weird posture issues in some hold section, but her footwork looked pretty good and sharp. There were a few weird choreography out of hold parts (like the separate spinning) but eh.. Potential is definitely there for her and I can see her going far. She got a 23, but I would have gone for all 6's for a 24.

Eddie & Karen - Quickstep: I find Eddie so fun and think he has a great infectious personality. Looking forward to how Eddie & Karen work together. LOL Karen's "I can't wait to get you in the studio and destroy you" comment. :lmao: I think the Quickstep is a good first style for Eddie as he gets to start off with the most fun ballroom style. LOL the 80s TV show theme was too cute and hilarious. :lmao: Okay this dance was a lot of fun and as expected, Eddie is a great, fun and infectious performer. He was having a blast with this dance and really sold it on the out of hold parts. Okay, he definitely had some posture and in frame issues, where he was quite hunched and flat footed in the footwork. There's stuff to work on with the technical aspects and he was able to get away with the technical faults because of how well he performed and sold this. It was still so fun to watch. I do worry for him for the more serious ballroom styles. LMAO his mother was hamming it up when they showed her in the audience. :dead: I think Craig's 4 was a bit harsh but would have gone with a mix of 5s and 6s - think I would go with a 22 here.

Angela R & Kai - Cha-Cha: Aww it's so nice seeing the legend that is Angela Rippon and her and Kai get along in such a cute way. They are adorable in the intro here, haha. Oh wait, I did not know that this Shirley Bassey version was actually of the P!nk song. I thought it was a different song. My mind is shook right now. OMG the opening of this dance was so extra. :dead: Wow okay so Angela did much better than I was expecting with this dance. She sold the sassy & flirty character and brought a lot of fun here. She was quite clean and precise in how she danced it but I also thought she lacked hip action and did have some stiffness. Yeah it wasn't perfect but it was a joy to watch. OKAY Miss Angela with that leg extension. That was kinda crazy but so good. 😮 Aww at how emotional Shirley got watching her as Angela would introduce her on Come Dancing competitions. I do think straight 7s were a bit overscored though. I kinda get the judges being shook. I would go with all 6s and maybe one 7 in there for a 24/25.

Nikita & Gorka - Waltz: Nikiia is a really fun and big personality..... I find her adorable and a lot of fun. Ooof, I do think the Waltz is a tough first dance as she's got to be tame and subdued, which doesn't seem her. LOL Gorka on the radio with Nikita was hilarious. :haha: Aww I thought this was a very lovely and pretty Waltz. I did notice Nikita having some nerves throughout the dance and she was looking down a lot while dancing with Gorka. I guess in the sense to make sure her footwork was right. She does have to work on her posture and frame going forward. And she did seem to hold onto Gorka tightly in a bit of fearful way at times. She did have some nice grace and did a fine job. Wow with Anton had a lot of positive comments (though he did mention some critiques) that I'm surprised he only gave a 5. Craig's 3 was way harsh though. I agree and think the 5s were fair. A little underscored... I would go for a 20.

Layton & Nikita - Samba: LOL Layton saying "I want people to think he's kii (as in good)" and Nikita thought he said cute. :dead: I feel like Layton is already teaching Nikita so much new lingo. :haha: The producers are not going easy on Layton with giving him the Samba for his first dance. So his issue was figuring out how much to give and not give too much to mess up the technical footwork, which I fear is the issue for most performers/ringers early on (which kinda reminds me of Fleur's earlier dances). I do love that "Touch" was used for this Samba. Layton had a strong solo right at the start. Okay Layton really threw it down and gave it his all here. This was a really fun, firey and fierce dance. He had great technique but really sold the performance and brought so much good attitude here. I do think some parts were maybe kinda a bit too strong/harsh... and it could have had more flow. Maybe a bit spiky at times? I get the footwork issues but that's something he can easily work on. But there were a lot of flashy moments, like that split he did in the middle of the dance - and some other moves. :omg: A lot of wow moments! He did dance the heck out of this. This was great as I was expecting. Hmm, the 7s and 8 were fair... I may even go for one more 8 too. I would go with a 29 or 30.

Zara & Graziano - Cha-Cha: Zara is so gorgeous.... I will always be saying this. :wub: lol the dancing with a broom Graziano had Zara doing. Oooh I never imagined "Crush" for a Cha-Cha (I moreso pictured a Rumba for it). It seems kinda slow for that style? This dance was cute. Zara did seem kinda stiff and hesistant throughout it. There were some flashy moments that were enjoyable and crowd pleasing here and there - like with some of her leg moves/extensions and split she did. But I did think most of her dancing was on the tame/mellow side and it did seem a little on the posey side. I think nerves were there. I was wishing and wanting more from her but she did try. :( It's her first dance and she's totally out of her comfort I can get Craig's ploddy and wooden comments. Hopefully ballroom will work more in her favor. Aww Zara's excitement and happiness of doing/completing the dance was adorable. :haha: Omg her boyfriend is Sam... who did Celebrity Big Brother some years ago. Ouch at Craig's 3 but that was what she wanted from him. :haha: I think the overall score of 19 was fair as I'd go with that.

Les & Nancy - Tango: lol Les hoping his acting skills can make him look like he can dance. Aww Les was quite struggling with the Tango and he can't go in comedy mode like he wants to do with this style. LOLZ Nancy's constant "good boy" comments at Les. :dead: I had low expectations for this dance and....oh dear, this was on the rough side.  Les did seem really stiff and blocky while dancing this dance and in the hold parts. I guess stiffness can work in the Tango. But something seemed off and like he was kinda too forward in hold? The footwork wasn't great. But he did play his bartender character well and sold the story of the dance well. But it actually could have been even worse, which it wasn't. I guess I'm thinking of Tony's Tango last year, which was worse. OMG WHATT @ all of Anton's comments and how he was demonstrating Les' dancing in it, omg. :dead: Oh Les has a 12 year old son? 😮 I wasn't expecting that. Ooof at the 2 from Craig but then the 5s from Shirley & Anton were a bit much. I would go for all 4's for a 16, so a fair score overall. 

Ellie & Vito - Jive: The more I see Ellie & Vito, the more I'm sold on them as a partnership. Lmao Ellie is really hilarious and cute in their rehearsals. :haha: The Jive is a great big challenge for her first dance but I can see raising to the challenge. And yep.... Ellie did that and delivered a really strong Week 1 Jive. She had great kicks & flicks, sassy character & energy and great partnering work throughout. She kept up the speed up and she was sharp and precise throughout. I loved her energy and the fun she had. It was also cool that this was a bit of a sexier kind of Jive too. I get that she had a few inconsistent moments that the judges mentioned. I also did think some of the partnering/ground work tricks at the end was a little shaky at a certain spot. But other than that, a great first dance! Aww I loved their reactions to the scores, especially Ellie's scream at Motsi's 8. I think the 7s and 8 were fair and again, I wouldn't have minded another 8 in there for her. I'll go with a 29 or 30.

Jody & Jowita - Quickstep: Aww I think Jody & Jowita are a  nice partnership. I think Jowita is the perfect partner to help Jody break out of his shyness here. Oooh the Quickstep is quite challenging for Jody. It's going to be interesting seeing him learn and rehearse this with his right prospethic leg. Oooh this has a Fred & Ginger theme, which makes sense given the song choice. But wow pulling that card out on Week 1 already. Okay so Jody did seem a little shy/timid and nervous at the start of the dance - like that section they were on the little stage. Then he got to the Quickstep section and it was actually pretty decent. He had a good frame but did have some inconsistent posture issues. He had some good footwork though I did notice the part he messed up around the middle of the dance. Then by the end of it, he did loosen up and showed joy. I just needed more joy and performance as I felt that was missing for about 75% of the dance. Wow Motsi was saying that, which I totally agree with her on. So yeah this Quickstep was kind of the exact opposite of Eddie's. Aww I love how supportive Jowita is of him. I think the 21 was fair and I would go with that score too - mostly 5s and probably a 6 in there.

Bobby & Dianne - Foxtrot: Lol Bobby is so smiley and happy and I think his and Dianne's personalities match perfectly well together. Although I do worry for them with their height difference as Dianne's got yet another much taller partner. lol how silly and excited Bobby gets in the rehearsals. Aww this was a really cute, sweet and romantic Foxtrot. I do feel like Bobby could have some potentially great ballroom dances and this was a very good first ballroom from him. I thought Bobby had a pretty good frame and partnered Dianne well. He was quite smooth and moved well in hold. He showcased some nice footwork. I did think he had some posture issues with the bottom sticking out at times. He did have a lot of charming personality and sold the romantic feel of the dance. The floor bit was really cute, though I can get how some wouldn't like it. Lol Claudia calling him out on never watching the show before. Aww at his father crying after that. OMG Bobby's "she's gonna mother my children" but then he meant "auntie my children." :dead: Joe isn't gonna like that, lmaoo. I think the score was fair. I would go with all 7s and maybe an 8 in there, so I agree with the 29 (or go with a 28). The two 8s did seem a bit much but it balances out Craig's 6 so it all works lol.

Annabel & Johannes - Cha-Cha: Aww Annabel has a really good energy about her. I'm not surprised she's wants to start training ASAP (like when they were doing their photoshoot). Aww their singing of "Uptown Girl" in her fan was really cute. I am so not surprised they got a tennis themed dance. I had very low expectations for Annabel but wow she was really a great pleasant surprise here. She was light on her feet, but danced this routine in such a clean and precise way. She was quite elegant but had good leg action and footwork. I really enjoyed their partnering work and she performed it with so much joy. She could have had some more hip action, but that's something she could improve on. I did think some of the tennis stuff - with the seated break section and tennis playing, it was distracting of the actual dance. But it worked with the theme. A very good first dance. Aww it's nice seeing her son and daughter in the audience. I agree with all 7s so I would go with a 28 here too (or maybe throw in one 6, for a 27).

Amanda & Giovanni - Viennese Waltz: Lol Giovanni's "she's got a great teacher" and poses at the camera... he would. :lmao: I do see Amanda as quite competitive and a hard worker. I had a feeling ballroom would be good with her... and she did prove that with this dance. This was very stunning and beautiful. Amanda was really graceful and danced this in such a smooth way. She had a good frame, posture and good footwork. Giovanni gave her a lot of difficult VW content and Amanda executed and coped well with it. It definitely did not feel like a Week 1 dance at all.  It had a great mature and grown quality to it. Though I can also get Anton's comment of wanting her to breathe and be free in the dance and Craig feeling it was too powerful, as she did seem a little serious at times. Aww it was nice seeing her son and partner in the audience. I think the 29 was fair - with the 3 7s and an 8. The 8 from Shirley kinda had me shook.

Krishnan & Lauren - Cha-Cha: LOL I'm kinda so excited to see how Krishnan tackles this Cha-Cha and if he really throws himself at this. Krishnan is really fun and kinda hilarious to watch in the rehearsals with how he's learning the dance. :haha: OMGG Lol this dance was really something else. :dead: hahaha I do love how Krishnan threw himself into the dance and had a blast with this. His dancing was really quite wild and all over the place. I have NO words for the gyration he was doing. :lmao: He did have a good and fun grooove here. The footwork and technique was on the messy side and needs some work. But the personality was there. I do think this was kinda overscored with the 22... and I think this dance happening towards the end helped its score. I would go with mostly 5's here. But he did have the most fun Cha-Cha of the not-so-great Cha-Chas. The 6s were a bit much. But I would go with a 4 and three 5's, for a 19 or 20.

Nigel & Katya - Paso Doble: lol Nigel & Katya have like this fun, cheeky and dry humor personalities together as a partnership. lol what is this Colin alter ego he has? lmao. I actually liked seeing this fun side of Nigel in this video as I didn't know he had such a fun personality. I was really looking forward to this, as I love the Paso and love "Smells Like Teen Spirit."  Ooooh a ring master theme? Interesting. Oh wow, this was such a killer Paso to close the show! :omg: Nigel did a really strong job with this dance. The shaping and  spanish lines were so exaggerated and full of character. Nigel partnered Katya really well and looked and danced this like the proper leading man. And I loved all of their side by side work. They had great shaping, energy, lines and he matched her up so well! :omg: Oooh and then the cape work at the end. Again, he nailed that with so much power. And yeah he danced and performed this with great power and intensity. Definitely deserving of all 8s. I wouldn't be surprised if this had gotten 9s if this was done on another recent season where they gave 9s on Week 1. Nigel's got a lot of potential and I know Katya is excited to work with him. I just hope she doesn't break him by December. :haha: But I agree with the 32. Oooh and wow Katya's highest Week 1 scores too... that's amazing for her! 😮

1. Nigel & Katya - Paso Doble
2. Layton & Nikita - Samba
3. Ellie & Vito - Jive
4. Amanda & Giovanni - Viennese Waltz
5. Bobby & Dianne - Foxtrot
6. Annabel & Johannes - Cha-Cha
7. Angela S & Carlos - Tango
8. Angela R & Kai - Cha-Cha
9. Eddie & Karen - Quickstep
10. Jody & Jowita - Quickstep
11. Krishnan & Lauren - Cha-Cha
12. Nikita & Gorka - Waltz
13. Adam & Luba - Cha-Cha
14. Zara & Graziano - Cha-Cha
15. Les & Nancy - Tango

That was a really fun performance premiere episode! I struggled on some rankings and would say the interchangeable rankings for me were: 2/3, 7/8 and 11/12. I feel those could change on rewatch but so could some others. 

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Week 2 dances and songs are out now!

Adam and Luba: Tango to Somebody Told Me by Måneskin

Amanda and Giovanni: Salsa to Oye by Gloria Estefan
Annabel and Johannes: Quickstep to Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves
Angela R and Kai: Foxtrot to You Make Me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra
Angela S and Carlos: Jive to Trouble by Shampoo
Bobby and Dianne: Charleston to Do Your Thing by Basement Jaxx
Eddie and Karen: Cha Cha Cha to Rie y Llora by Celia Cruz
Ellie and Vito: Foxtrot to Perfect Fairground by Attraction
Jody and Jowita: Paso Doble to Thunderstruck by AC/DC
Krishnan and Lauren: Foxtrot to Love Really Hurts Without You by Billy Ocean
Layton and Nikita: Quickstep to Puttin’ On The Ritz by Gregory Porter
Les and Nancy: Samba to Rock The Boat by Hues Corporation
Nigel and Katya: Viennese Waltz to Until I Found You by Stephen Sanchez
Nikita and Gorka: Charleston to Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyoncé
Zara and Graziano: Quickstep to Anyone For You (Tiger Lily) by George Ezra

Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CxqDzt6tB4K/ 


Oooh lots of good styles and song choices for this week.

- My favorite song/styles combo would be: Amanda, Annabel, Bobby, Layton, Nigel and Nikita.
- I can't really think of Eddie's song off the top of my head, but looking forward to him doing some party Latin styles.
- Also interested in seeing Angela S with the Jive (though don't know her song).
- Hoping Zara copes better with a ballroom. I was hoping she'd get a slower style though.
- OMG Les with that Samba. A trainwreck incoming for sure! :dead: But I'm scared if that's gonna get him votes to avoid the first elimination, which I could see happening. 


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Given the previous two times Les's song has been used ended up in a bottom 2 (Lisa) Series 6 and a eliminaton (Lauren) series 16 ,I'm not very optimistic about this dance and think it's probably going to be a trainwreck like Lauren's was. Probably even worse

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On 9/27/2023 at 12:40 PM, Abe1818 said:

Given the previous two times Les's song has been used ended up in a bottom 2 (Lisa) Series 6 and a eliminaton (Lauren) series 16 ,I'm not very optimistic about this dance and think it's probably going to be a trainwreck like Lauren's was. Probably even worse

Ooooh thanks for these stats. I knew Lauren was eliminated with her dance to that song but forgot about Lisa. I'm sure Les' will be even worse than Lauren's though. Hopefully it doesn't pick up votes for him but we'll see.


11 hours ago, *Chris said:

I do need to catch up on the premiere!

Oooh looking forward to seeing your thoughts! 😄 

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As I often love to do, I'll do a Youtube views post of this week's dances! I'm not sure if I will be able to do this two times a week like I have done in the past (like mid-week and at the end of the week). Maybe some weeks I can. We'll see, but I'll certainly do a views post once a week.

Week 1 Dances Views + Likes:


1. Angela R & Kai - Cha-Cha: 418,508 views / 1.4k likes
2. Layton & Nikita - Samba: 298,186 views / 1.3k likes
3. Nigel & Katya - Paso Doble: 262,592 views / 2.4k likes
4. Annabel & Johannes - Cha-Cha: 218,949 views / 584 likes
5. Bobby & Dianne - Foxtrot: 168,725 views / 1.3k likes
6. Angela S & Carlos - Tango: 143,539 views / 528 likes
7. Zara & Graziano - Cha-Cha: 134,759 views / 437 likes
8. Krishnan & Lauren - Cha-Cha: 133,623 views / 718 likes
9. Ellie & Vito - Jive: 125,609 views / 1k likes
10. Jody & Jowita - Quickstep: 101,736 views / 313 likes
11. Adam & Luba - Cha-Cha: 100,169 views / 472 likes
12. Nikita & Gorka - Waltz: 93,275 views / 311 likes
13. Eddie & Karen - Quickstep: 90,734 views / 435 likes
14. Amanda & Giovanni - Viennese Waltz: 75,270 views / 705 likes
15. Les & Nancy - Tango: 39,457 views / 306 likes

Top 3 Likes:
1. Nigel & Katya - Paso Doble
2. Angela R & Kai - Cha-Cha
3. Layton & Nikita - Samba / Bobby & Dianne - Foxtrot

Bottom 3 Likes:
1. Les & Nancy - Tango
2. Nikita & Gorka - Waltz
3.  Jody & Jowita - Quickstep


I have been looking at the views all week but I was not expecting Angela R to dominate like this. :omg: I expected Nigel to lead the views, although he's dominating on the likes side.

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Also a preview clip of dress rehearsal of the dances for tonight's show, which should be on in a little over an hour's time:


Looks like there should be a lot of good dances. Expecting good dances from Angela R, Eddie, Nigel, Amanda, Layton, Angela S, Bobby, Ellie. And some others could have good dances too. And then there's Les, which oh dear.... he does the worst here but that's to be expected. Jody's dance is looking rough too.

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Scores for the first 3 dances!

Bobby & Dianne - Charleston: 7/7/7/8 = 29
Annabel & Johannes - Quickstep: 4/6/6/6 = 22
Jody & Jowita - Paso Doble: 3/4/4/5 = 16

- Reading mixed comments on Bobby's dance. It sounds like it was a modern style Charleston. Some thought it was great and had great energy. Some thought it oculd have been better and not as good as expected... and felt he needed to be more exaggerated. Sounds like he kept up well with the speed.
- Also reading mixed thoughts on Annabel's. Sounds like she was elegant here but some felt she wasn't as sure or as confident as last week's dance (some nerves maybe?). Sounds like it was decent and she was having fun. Lots of outrage on Craig's 4.
- Sounds like Jody's Paso didn't go well. Sounds like he was stiff, stompy and didn't pull off the technical parts with the footwork. Lots saying the Paso isn't his dance. He very well could be in danger if he lands in the Bottom 2.

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Next three dances:


Ellie & Vito - Foxtrot: 8/8/7/8 = 31
Nigel & Katya - Viennese Waltz: 7/7/6/7 = 27
Nikita & Gorka - Charleston: 3/5/5/5 = 18

- Reading mostly positive comments on Ellie's Foxtrot. Lots people calling it very lovely and she had nice technique here. It sounds like it was a fun character driven Foxtrot too. There's also some potential finalist comments thrown at her.
- Also reading lots of positive comments on Nigel's VW. Sounds like there was a lot of beautiful dancing and storytelling in the dance and that he sold it. But it sounds like Shirley was really critical on him and this dance. Then lol Craig called out Shirley on being critical. :haha:
- Not seeing good comments from Nikita's dance. Sounds like it was heavy footed, lacked swivel in the footwork and sounds like the energy wasn't there. Though some said she performed it well. Oof I was hoping this would be her dance but sounds like she could be in trouble. :( Omg people mentioned Catherine/Johannes having a Charleston to the same song (Single Ladies) - which I kinda forgot about but really enjoyed that dance. Oooh and also Motsi/Shirley/Anton commented on Nikita improving so much yet gave her the same scores as last week. :wacko:

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Middle 3 dances:


Les & Nancy - Samba: 2/4/4/5 = 15
Adam & Luba - Tango: 5/6/5/7 = 23
Amanda & Giovanni - Salsa: 8/8/8/8 = 32

- Lmaoo do I even need to post comments on how Les' Samba went? Yeah definitely no positive comments on this and lots saying it was bad and venging on trainwreck terrority. Also felt that it was really slow too. It sounds like it was a comedy routine but hopefully it's not the type of comedy that the public votes for. But I'm fearing he's already gonna rob a better dancer (even if they aren't good). Anton with that 5.... even though I didn't see this dance? :wacko: People complaining about his score, lol.
- Seeing good thoughts on Adam's Tango. It sounds like he was better than expected and improved. Still sounds like there were some technical faults. Also sounds like Adam made some mistakes which he seems upset about. Nice improvement in scores for him though they are all over the place, lol.
- Sounds like Amanda pulled off the Salsa quite decently. Some transitions and some parts seemed a bit awkward but it sounds like it was good and she did well for the most part. And it had some good lifts. Ooh I wasn't expecting her to have the highest scores so far but well done. It also sounds like it was a crowd pleaser so I'm looking forward to this.

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19 minutes ago, jarmon said:

I want to root for Nikita & Gorka sooo much but Nikita just can't do well it seems sigh

Ugh yeah, same. :( I want to root for her as well, but seems like it may take her a longer time to improve... and not sure if that time will be on her side. :( Hoping she can make it through this week.

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5 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

Ugh yeah, same. :( I want to root for her as well, but seems like it may take her a longer time to improve... and not sure if that time will be on her side. :( Hoping she can make it through this week.

Yeah, I expected her to be doing much better than she is. Disappointing. Hoping for the best for her tho.

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Second to last set of 3 dances:


Krishnan & Lauren - Foxtrot: 4/5/5/6 = 20
Eddie & Karen - Cha-Cha: 3/6/5/7 = 21
Zara & Graziano - Quickstep: 6/6/5/6 = 23

- Doesn't sound like Krishnan's Foxtrot went too well, as it seemed he lacked the smoothness and style for the dance. Sounds like he was flat footed and it didn't go so well when he was in hold. But it sounds like he was having fun while performing it. I also didn't expect him to score better on the Cha-Cha than Foxtrot but it happened lol. I think Krishan has probably done enough to be in danger though he isn't completely safe either.
- Seeing mostly good comments from Eddie with comments saying he had good rhythm, hip action, flow and suited well with the Cha-Cha. It also sounds like the dance looked more like a Samba or Salsa. Sounds like Cha Cha content was lacking? Gah that was an issue with last week's Quickstep so that should be more on Karen. I hope she gives him more content before it's too late as he has potential to go far. Though a few were disappointed and expected more from him. Woww Craig's 3 for this. 😮 Ooof I did expect much higher scores, actually.
- Reading mixed thoughts on Zara's QS. Some weren't fond of or cared for it and thought it was forgettable. But some felt there was a noticeable improvement with this dance. So I guess hard to tell. lol Sounds like the judges are rushing their comments so they must be running overtime now. She got a nice improvement in scores here, sooo she may just be able to avoid the dance off but I'm not too confident there. 

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Last 3 dances:


Angela S & Carlos - Jive: 7/7/7/8 = 29
Angela R & Kai - Foxtrot: 8/8/7/8 = 31
Layton & Nikita - Quickstep: 9/9/9/9 = 36

- Oooh seeing lots of great comments on Angela S' Jive. Sounds like she brought both the technique, style and energy needed for the dance.  I kinda had a feeling the Jive would be good for her considering her Irish dance experience (which requires a lot of legwork). Ooh a nice improvement for her but I also expected higher scores from what I read.
- Lmao not the show putting both Angela's back to back. :dead: But it sounds like Angela R's Foxtrot was sweet, charming and well done. It sounds like this dance suits her better than the Cha-Cha, which is to be expected.
- Seeing lots of great and positive comments on Layton's QS. Some even calling it brilliant. Sounds like he delivered in energy and performance. Sounds like he improved on his technique too. Lots of people saying that he delivered the performance of the night, which makes sense for saving him for last. Ooh with Layton getting a show-closing Quickstep and topping the leaderboard - gives me Molly vibes so hopefully he can go far into the finals (though I'm sure he will).

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Overall scores from the first two weeks of dances, before the first public vote:

1. Layton & Nikita: 29 + 36 = 65
2. Amanda & Giovanni: 29 + 32 = 61
3. Ellie & Vito: 29 + 31 = 60
4. Angela R. & Kai: 28 + 31 = 59
4. Nigel & Katya: 32 + 27 = 59
6. Bobby & Dianne: 29 + 29 = 58
7. Angela S & Carlos: 23 + 29 = 52
8. Annabel & Johnannes: 28 + 22 = 50
9. Eddie & Karen: 22 + 21 = 43
10. Zara & Graziano: 19 + 23 = 42
10. Adam & Luba: 19 +23 = 42
10. Krishnan & Lauren: 22 +20 = 42
13. Jody & Jowita: 21 +16 = 37
14. Nikita & Gorka: 18 + 18 = 36
15. Les & Nancy: 16 + 15 = 31

Hmm to make some predictions before the Bottom 2/elimination gets spoiled, I do think all of the bottom 3 in Jody, Nikita and Les are all at risk and in danger. I do fear of Les' legend status and comedy routine could pull him out of the bottom 2 but hoping not. Though if he's in the bottom, he would surely sure. Then there's that tricky spot with Eddie/Zara/Adam/Krishnan, where I think any of them could have an outside shot of being in danger as well.

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Oooh it took me quite awhile to get and watch the episode but I finally did so.... so here are my thoughts. 

Week 2 Thoughts!

Bobby & Dianne - Charleston: Oooh Bobby opening the show with the Charleston is a really good show opener. Although I'm a bit bummed he got the Charleston so early as I think this could have been a really great dance for him laterdown the line. Oh wow Dianne was not taking it easy on him with those fast rehearsals. First off, I love the "Do Your Thing" song choice as that's such a fun song! :bobo: This was a very high energetic, fast dance and I thought Bobby kept up well with this.  There was some really good side by side action they had going on and he had good sync with Dianne. He had some good swivels in the footwork, which met Craig's approval. There was that one leg/turn over move they did that was both really weird and really cool. Never saw that before but it was interesting. :haha: Ooh and the lifts, I thought most of them were really well done. The first one did seem a little wild and looked like it could have gone wrong. He did have a laid back style in how he performed this which worked in spots and sometimes I wanted more energy. Though he did look like he was having fun. Still, a very good dance from Bobby. I do agree with and would give the 29 here. 

LOL the show bringing back Ed Balls to read the Terms & Condition. I did love seeing Katya in the background doing the Gangnam Style dance moves behind him. A nice little reunion there.

Annabel & Johannes - Quickstep: Oooh a ballpit theme for the Quickstep? Sounds interesting. Hmm with Annabel really surprising me with her Cha-Cha, I had higher expectations for her Quickstep than I would have had. Hmm I do feel kinda mixed on this one. I thought Annabel showed some nice grace and elegance in her movements. But when it got into hold, something felt really off and shaky with the body contact and like they were trying to get the frame/positioning correct. Then she got it better as the dance carried on. She did have some tension while in hold. They really flew across the stage with speed and quickness. But some parts she did look a little terrified and lost the performance value.... and some parts were a little shaky. I think the slower ballrooms will really suit her. Aww her daughters in the audience rooting her on was sweet. Ouch Craig's 4 was harsh. But I think the judges 6's were fair, so I think I also agree with the 22 here (though I could up it to a 23?).   

Jody & Jowita - Paso Doble: Oooh we got another rock Paso Doble. I do feel for Jody having to do this after Nigel's really strong dance last week. lol Jowita bringing in the banana so he could shape his body like that, haha. Aww they had a bit of fun in the rehearsals. I wasw worried for this dance based off the footage I saw. Hmm, I do think Jody tried and gave it his all. It wasn't as bad as I feared, but I also didn't think it was too good. He did seem very stiff and stompy and lacked the proper Paso shaping he needed. He did seem stompy and walky in his footwork, but I'm not sure how much he could get that corrected with his disability? It did seem kind of stop-and-go with his movements - and the paso exaggeration movements weren't there. The judges did say it all in how he needed more flow in the movements. He did try his best in performing too. Jowita was really fierce in this though. I think the 16 was fair but I may give it another point for a 17. 

Ellie & Vito - Foxtrot: Oooh okay, so a beach themed Foxtrot is something I never would have thought of ever before. :lmao: lol them rehearsing with a beach ball while in frame. Oooh this is another dance I had high expectations for Ellie and overall I thought she pulled this off. The song/theme/storyline of the dance was really cute and she played it really well. There was a lot of humor and lighthearted comedy they had in the dance, which Ellie acted off so well and so did Vito. Although OMG LOL that crazy monkey like dancing Vito was doing in this. What was that about? :dead: But with all of that, I thought Ellie executed the technical elements of the Foxtrot very well and to a high standard. Her frame, posture and in hold position was really good and she had really good footwork. I do agree with Shirley that they had really nice transitions of going back into hold and I didn't notice anything bumpy there. So yeah this had a good mix of storytelling and lovely Foxtrot dancing. It was such a joy to watch. ❤️ I think the three 8's and one 7 were fair, so I would go with a 31 or all 8s for a 32 here. Ooh I'm kinda shook the 7 didn't come from Craig (but was Shirley instead). 

Nigel & Katya - Viennese Waltz: Oooh I am really interested in how Nigel will tackle the Viennese Waltz and seeing a completely different side of himself this week. He didn't seem to quite grasp the dance in the rehearsals. But I'm still really looking forward to it as I do love the song choice. Ooo congrats to Nigel on winning the Best Drama star at the Inside Soap awards. That's really cool! 😄 I thought this was a stunning and very beautiful Viennese Waltz. I really liked the prom theme this dance had (though it was moreso a Class reunion theme). There's no doubt that Nigel acted this really well. He brought the romance, charm and sauve character needed for the dance. I thought he danced it well in hold and he partnered and led Katya really well. He did look and dance it like a leading man. Ooof I was hearing Shirley was quite harsh in her comments. She did seem critical bit Iwas kinda expecting worse. But I think she was probably stricter on him as he has a lot of potentail. I could see that there were some technical faults, as his footwork did seem a little bumpy and maybe some parts he wasn't super sure on? But I still really liked it and thought it was a beautiful dance. I am LOLing at Craigh calling Shirley & Anton being too picky. :dead: I do agree with Craig that Nigel has that ability to draw people into his dances. Oooh and I thought Katya looked really beautiful in this dance too. :wub: Don't really agree with Shirley's 6 but not surprised. I do agree with the 7s and would go with a 28 rather than 27. 

Nikita & Gorka - Charleston: Oooh now I was/am really excited for a "Single Ladies" Charleston as I love both the song and style here. Aww it's sweet how Nikita wanted to dedicated this dance to her mother as she was a single lady raising her and her sister. And omg Nikita's mother is so gorgeous and legit looks like her sister! :omg:  Ahhh... okay so I really wanted to love this as I love the song and the style. I thought this was a cute dance.... with a cute and fun concept. I liked that Nikita had more fun and showed off a fun sassy side of her. But I kinda felt like this dance was kinda like it was going 60/70%? It felt very tame, soft and small... and that just doesn't work for a Charleston. I felt she needed more exaggeration in how she danced and performed this. There wasn't really any swivels in the footwork and the steps didn't really showcase a Charleston. Gah Craig calls it flat footed and heavy, which I do agree with. But him calling it limp and lame was harsh. I just wish it was better. :( But I do think she had more confidence here versus last week's dance. While the 3 from Craig was harsh, I do think I agree with the 18 score overall. lol Gorka did force that excitement for a 3 big time though, lmao. 

Les & Nancy - Samba: Ooh dear, I am absolutely dreading and terrified for this Samba from Les. Ooh he gets to play a sailor for this dance. Aww it's nice that Nancy got to meet Les' wife and kids. Okayy so I won't lie... Les does come off like that adorable grandfather that is so excited that he got some steps right in the rehearsal vid. But okay onto the dance, it sure was something alright. :lmao: Les.... looked like he was having a lot of fun playing the sailor and he did that well. The dancing was an absolute disaster and a hot mess as I was expecting. I..... did not notice or recognize any Samba steps or content here. :lmao: And everything he danced was just not good. Nancy was dancing CIRCLES around Les, lmao. Ouch at Craig's saying his voltas looked like he was limping with a broken ankle. Oh dangg. Yeahh okay I guess like Motsi said, it did start off like a Samba but then it ventured off into some other kind of dance I did not recognize. :dead: I don't really think the comedy aspect/elements were really there. Okay I actually agree with Craig's 2 here. I did think Motsi & Shirley's 4 were generous and Anton's 5 was just insane, lmao. So the 15 was way too high - I would have gone for more of a 9 or 10. :ph34rwave: 

Adam & Luba - Tango: I'm really interested in how Adam will tackle the Tango as he's so smiley and happy go lucky. But as an actor, I am sure he can get the character down. Though his rehearsals of laughing about the dance was funny. :haha: Oh and this "Somebody Told Me" song... I thought it was a different song from The Killers song but it isn't? But okay, it's nice seeing Adam serious here. Adam definitely improved from his Cha-Cha and did surprise me a bit here. He did bring the passion well with his character. I thought he had a good frame and in hold positioning and he partnered Luba well throughout the dance. I did notice a few little mistakes at spots, but I didn't think it was jarring or anything that threw me off from the dance. The judges did bring up sync issues here. Aww I do feel bad for Adam with how bad he felt about himself on the mistakes and how he felt he let Luba down. :( I do agree with the 6 and think a 23 was a fair score, which I think I would go with. Though lol this getting 5's, 6's and 7's. 

Amanda & Giovanni - Salsa: Even though she delivered a beautiful Viennese Waltz, I didn't really have high hopes for Amanda with the Salsa or really the party Latin styles. But curious to see how she handles it as this should be a challenge for her. Once again, Amanda really pleasantly surprised me and delivered a very good and solid Salsa here. I thought she had good rhythm, latin flavor and hip action through the dance. Oooh dangg, the lifts were crazy and insane here! :omg: They were very ambitious but I thought they pulled the lifts off really well. I do think there were a few parts, like after some lifts sequences where she lost energy and did seem lost for like a second? But overall, she did handle the dance very well and it was certainly a show stopper. :yes: I am not sure if I agree on straight 8s, as I would go more for a mix of 7s and 8s for a 30. 

Krishnan & Lauren - Foxtrot: lmao I loved the clips of Krishnan rehearsign his dance by himself at the news station he works at. :haha: I did think Krishnan's Cha-Cha was a little overscored (though fun) but I had better hopes that he could do better with a Foxtrot. But then the Foxtrot is a very difficul technical dance so I could get how this dance could trip him up. This dance did have a cute theme/storyline/feel to it and it was nice seeing Krishnan having so much joy dancing this, especially on the out of hold parts. He had a natural charm there. Those parts were definitely better. But when he got into hold, oooof, that was kinda rough and tough to watch. His footwork was very flat footed and heavy... and it just lacked the glide and slickness needed for the Foxtrot. His frame did look off to me as well. He did look kinda terrified and concentrating really hard on those parts. OMG Craig's comments of never seeing a pro like Lauren talking/shouting at their partner so much through a smile, omg. :dead: hahaha I wanna see the footage of this. :haha: This was kinda dance of two halves. The 20 was fair, though I may dip down another point for a 19. 

Eddie & Karen - Cha-Cha: Oooh I was really excited for Eddie getting the Cha-Cha this week as I feel like the party Latin dances will be much more in his wheelhouse. LOL Karen is so strict in the most hilarious way with Eddie in these rehearsals, which is so funny to watch. :haha: Okay I did read lots of criticism of this dance not having much Cha-Cha content, which I definitely do get and understand. I did see some Cha-Cha content but there definitely could have been more. It did give off more of a street Salsa/Samba feel to it. Eddie definitely has such a fun and infectious personality here and did sell the dance and had so much fun here. There was a lot going on - with Cha-Cha, Samba, Salsa and then that African breakdown part, which Motsi brought up. Ooof Shirley brought up a lot of technical things like him dancing on his toes and having no straight leg in the dance and needed straighter posture. OMG her crotch comment. I get all of the judges criticism as a lot was going on, but I did personally think the dance was a lot of fun. Eddie did have great musicality and hip action going on. Lmaoo wow the scores are insane here: 3/6/5/7 for a total of 21. :dead: I would go with mostly 6's and maybe a 5 in there, for like a 23? Ooh and Karen looked reallly gorgeous with her longer hair in this dance. 

Zara & Graziano - Quickstep: The Quickstep wasn't really my ideal ballroom dance for Zara as I would have preferred her doing a slower style but still curious to see how she does with ballroom. Aww it's sweet that she got to talk with her grandparents, whom danced the Quickstep, back in the 1950s. Aww it's nice that they'll be in the audience for her. As I expected, this dance was certainly an improvement from Zara. I thought this was a pretty cute and adorable Quickstep from her. I will say, I wasn't really that fond of the song choice. I do think she was a little loose in hold and kinda lost some body contact in frame. She kinda got tense in the upper body. But she did move across the floor well and had nice lightness in her footwork. She also looked like she was having a lot of fun dancing this too. Yeah, this was cute and enjoyable. I would go with a mix of 5s and 6's, so a 22 or 23, but probably would lean with a 23 like the judges. LOL I loved her shocked reaction to Craig's 6. :lmao: 

Angela S & Carlos - Jive: I liked the Jive demo that Carlos' gave in the intro video... and oh wow, Angela was really getting down the technique of it. From her training, I was really excited for this Jive from Angela. Ooh they had the rebellious theme, which makes sense given the song choice. Okayy wow, Angela was a little fiercey in this dance. 😮 Wow her kickcs & flicks and the retractions of them were insane! Her leg action was so sharp, fast and so on point! :omg: I thought she just nailed the kicks & flicks. But also she really performed the dance and looked like she was having an absolute blast. She channeled that bad girl character very well. She was alone a lot and held her own. Like Craig said, it was neat, precise and clean. Although the scores were really lowballed in my opinion, especially with the comments. I thought she was gonna get much higher scores than a 29. I would have gone for more 8s here - like a 31 or a 32. So booo judges, underscored! 

Angela R & Kai - Foxtrot: Oooh now I'm kinda excited for Angela R doing tghe Foxtrot as I feel like she could be quite a gem in ballroom. Omgg lol they had a few funny moments in rehearsals, like where Kai was playing with her legs. :haha: Oooh and she gets a Frank Sinatra Foxtrot too, that's great! Aww I thought this was such a charming and sweet dance. Angela really looked like she was having so much joy dancing and performing this dance. She was very elegant and smooth. She looked and danced very well in hold and showcased some nice arm and leg extensions. I feel like I saw one little part that got a little messed up, but it looked so minor. This was definitely an improvement from her Cha-Cha, which I expected as I thought ballroom would suit her. I do think the score of 31 was a little high once again. I would probably go with a 28 or 29 here. But Angela is a revelation nonetheless. ❤️ 

Layton & Nikita - Quickstep: OMGG "Cuff It" playing in the background of their intro video, slayy! I am curious how Layton will tackle the ballroom styles. OMG I heard so much about Layton getting triggered about Nikita using the word "basic" in the intro. I could get how people didn't like that but it was a misunderstanding.... though lol Layton's "I'm not basic, so phew." :dead: Though he later understood it was about basic steps for the dance. Anywho, enough of that and onto this dance, this was an amazing and fantastic Quickstep! I loved the theaterical/musical feel of the dance and their characters... with how well they matched each other. They matched so well with each other out of hold. But then they matched and gelled so well together IN hold. They really moved and gelled as one there and moved in that Quickstep with so much speed! :omg: I loved all of the mix of out of hold and in hold content they did. There was so much style, slickness and pizazz.  Also wow their last moves they did out of hold and to close the dance, what a showstopper! :omg: The whole dance was a showstopper. The speed of this was just insane! Yeah this was definitely the kind of dancing I was expecting from Layton and the dancing I hope we get from him all series. It's also really great seeing Nikita getting to go FULL OUT with his choreography here. Woww at all 9s here. I can't complain with those scores as I also agree with the 36. 

1. Layton & Nikita - Quickstep
2. Angela S & Carlos - Jive
3. Ellie & Vito - Foxtrot
4. Amanda & Giovanni - Salsa
5. Bobby & Dianne - Charleston
6. Nigel & Katya - Viennese Waltz
7. Angela R & Kai - Foxtrot
8. Adam & Luba - Tango
9. Eddie & Karen - Cha-Cha
10. Zara & Graziano - Quickstep
11. Annabel & Johannes - Quickstep
12. Krishnan & Lauren - Foxtrot
13. Nikita & Gorka - Charleston
14. Jody & Jowita - Paso Doble
15. Les & Nancy - Samba

Those are my rankings just based off the first watch, I think my #2/#3, then #8-#10 and maybe #12/13 could be interchangeable?

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Ooh and the results show aired a few hours ago, but I see it hasn't been posted. The Bottom 2 were Nikita & Gorka vs. Les & Nancy. The judges unanimously saved Nikita, so Les & Nancy are the first couple to go this series.



Though I'll post my thoughts on all of this later whenever I can watch the results show.

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Ooh yay I'm happy I was able to find and watch the results show much quicker. :haha: 

Week 2 results show thoughts! 

- Oh wow the Tina Turner tribute performance was a lot of fun! Omgg wow, LOVED Fleur singing "Nutbush City Limits." :wub: It's so fun seeing her singing with the pros here... and yess she did some dancing too! :wub: Beverly Knight did a great job here on "Proud Mary"..... and this is my yearly reminder/post that she needs to do Strictly at some point.  Though ugh I was thinking how epic it would have been having Alexandra apart of this and now I'm disappointed she wasn't lol. Oooh the other lady singer that I don't know, Laura Mvula, was great here too. The dancers were amazing as usual too! 




- Some results talk. Oooh Krishnan being saved first was kind of a fun surprise, which does happen often times haha. Pleased Eddie was saved early on as I was kinda worried for him. Aww Nikita & Gorka were the first couple to land in the Bottom 2. :( I'm not really surprised and I can't really fault it but just hoping she would be up against a worse dancer she can beat in the dance-off. Aww she looked so sad about it which was tough to watch. :(

- LOL I'm dying at Eddie's Super Mario bros comparison to his time on Strictly. :dead: Ooooh for Movies Night, he's dancing to "Men in Black." Ooooh I love that song. That's going to be such a cool routine! :bobo: Oooh awww and seeing Eddie & Bobby's friendship in the Clauditorium with the love/respect they have for each other was reallly nice and sweet to see.

- Jorja Smith performing with Nancy & Carlos dancing the Samba & Rumba was really fun and great to seee! :bobo: It's really great seeing them dance together and representing that Asian excellence. ❤️

- LMAO they really played that clip of Lauren shouting in so much excitement in hers and Krishnan's Foxtrot. Wow that was reallly a lot from her - she has so much energy. :dead:

- Ooh wow that's quite intense having it down to Les/Nancy vs. Jody/Jowita for the last couple in the Bottom 2 vs. last couple safe. Les & Nancy were the couple to land in the Bottom 2, which I do agree with here.

- Angela R & Kai are dancing to "Do-Re-Mi," which had everyone singing along to it. OMG Claudia's "singing" aka shouting was a hot mess. :dead: Ugh booo that the style wasn't mentioned here either.

- Adam & Luba will play Mario & Luigi for their Movie Night dance. Sounds like Jody will be attempting lifts next week.

- There wasn't really much differences in the dances with the Bottom 2 here. Nikita's was a cute & fun dance but not really great technically or energy-wise. Then Les' dance was still a trainwreck. Les did have some noticeable mistakes but I can't recall if that was there the first time or not? With that said, Nikita did show potential and was much better of the two. All of the judges voted to save her, which I agree with. I hope Nikita can have a nice breakthrough dance next week as I am not sure of her chances of making it through then. Onto Les, awww it was definitely the right call for him to go. He's such a nice/sweet man and I do like his personality as he does seem very likable. His dancing just wasn't good but I'm glad he had a blast in the competition. Thehy had such nice words for each other. I'm also glad Nancy handled this elimination (better than last year's with Will) but I think she was more prepared that this could happen. 

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On 10/2/2023 at 3:58 AM, *Wallace said:

Beverly Knight did a great job here on "Proud Mary"..... and this is my yearly reminder/post that she needs to do Strictly at some point.  

We NEED it! :wub:

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1 hour ago, *Lily said:

We NEED it! :wub:

I knew you would agree. ❤️ 


haha I always ask for that whenever she performs on the results shows. I'm hopeful it will happen one of these days. :haha: 

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The Week 3 Movie Night dances have been revealed now!

Adam and Luba: Jive to Take On Me from The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Amanda and Giovanni: Rumba to Out of Reach from Bridget Jones
Annabel and Johannes: Waltz to Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Angela R and Kai: Quickstep to Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music
Angela S and Carlos: Charleston to Who’s Got The Pain? from Damn Yankees
Bobby and Dianne: Samba to Young Hearts Run Free from Romeo and Juliet
Eddie and Karen: Couple's Choice to Men in Black from Men in Black
Ellie and Vito: Viennese Waltz to Waiting On A Miracle from Encanto
Jody and Jowita: American Smooth to Married Life from Up
Krishnan and Lauren: Charleston to Money Money from Cabaret
Layton and Nikita: Viennese Waltz to There Are Worse Things I Could Do from Grease
Nigel and Katya: Jive to Batman Theme from Batman
Nikita and Gorka: Jive to Kids in America from Clueless
Zara and Graziano: Paso Doble to The Puss Suite from Puss in Boots


Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cx7547SNtpm/


- Based on the songs/styles combo, I'm most looking forward to Adam's, Angela R's, Angela S's, Bobby's, Eddie's, Ellie's, Layton's, Nigel's, Nikita's and Zara's dances.

- I think the Mario theme should be fun and a good fit for Adam.
- I can see Amanda really delivering a beautiful Rumba. I was worried about her Latin but if she pulled off a Salsa, I'm sure she can pull off a Rumba.
- Great song choice/style for Angela R. Can see that suiting her.
- Ooooh love a Charleston for Angela S. I just wish it wasn't done a week after her Jive and that they were more spread apart. But I can see her nailing this dance, hopefully.
- A Samba is tricky for Bobby. Looking forward to how he tackle a party Latin dance. This being the most difficult will be a challenge but at least he gets it out the way early.
- Ooooh I think I'm most excited for Eddie's Couple's Choice. I love "Men in Black" and think this could be a breakthrough dance for him, or at least I sure hope so.
- I can't really recall if I know Ellie's song but I'm sure she'll nail her VW.
- Fun song/style for Krishan. It won't compare to Joe/Katya's Samba but don't think that's the purpose but should be fun performance-wise. Not sure how it will be technically.
- Layton was definitely due for a softer style. I'm looking forward to how he tackles a slower styled VW.
- Oooh Nigel with a Batman Jive should be good and entertaining. I'm sure he'll easily have the best Jive of the night.
- Oh dear the show giving Nikita a Jive after her Charleston. She will really need to up her technique and energy with this dance if she wants to stay but I already feel she's in danger again.
- lmao I kinda wish Zara had a Barbie themed dance and sad it's not happening. A missed opporunity, imo. I do worry for her for the Paso and if she can get the character/technique down. A challenge, for sure.

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On 9/29/2023 at 9:52 PM, *Wallace said:

Ooooh thanks for these stats. I knew Lauren was eliminated with her dance to that song but forgot about Lisa. I'm sure Les' will be even worse than Lauren's though. Hopefully it doesn't pick up votes for him but we'll see.



I think "Rock The Boat" has become the new "Don't Go Yet".  Both are cursed on these shows😭

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