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The Voice

The Knockouts Premiere
Country superstar Reba McEntire serves as mega mentor for the knockouts; the coaches pair two artists to perform individually against each other, then select a winner to move on to the playoffs; the pressure is on, as each coach only has one steal.


No Spoilers Please! Keep those in the Spoiler threads, If it hasn't shown on the show yet it's a Spoiler
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1 hour ago, Hsamid said:

I hope this round is good. If it's anything like the battles it should be. Especially since for the most part the weaker contestants have been eliminated.

:yes: it should be pretty good


10 minutes ago, Cookie73 said:

Happy to have an episode this week

:w00tbounce: same, last week was a waste


half hour to go

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13 minutes ago, Cookie73 said:

We will have half the Knockouts by the end of today

feels like the rest of the season's gonna go by quickly



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NOIVAS is singing "I Put a Spell on You" by Nina Simone.  But he's mixing her version with Annie Lennox's.


I didn't even know that Annie had her own version of that.

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I'm sorry but not all these reactions to mentors are real right?


I don't even know half the people they bring up. There has to be some contestants that have absolutely no clue who the coaches bring in as mentors.

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