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Battles Ep 4


Battles Ep 4  

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  1. 1. Favorite performance

    • Jerome vs Talia - Like I Can
    • Rachel vs JB - Light On
    • Ray vs NOIVAS - Jealous Guy
  2. 2. Grade the Episode

    • A (Amazing)
    • B (Good)
    • C (Ok)
    • D (Subpar)
    • F (Fail)
  3. 3. Who won the battle?

    • Neil
    • The mic

Recommended Posts

1. Ray Uriel vs NOIVAS

2. Neil Salsich vs The Mic

3. Rachel Christine vs JB Somers

4. Jerome Godwin II vs Talia Smith


I thought Neil gave an excellent performance, even better than his audition, but that’s because this song allowed him to showcase more. 

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Boring episode. None of these performances were bad but there was nothing exciting about any of them. And yes, Neil against the mic was the best of the episode, no contest 🤷 


1. Neil vs the mic (i probably shouldn't rank it because it's not fair but i don't care lol) 

2. NOIVAS vs Ray (i was expecting a lot more) 

3. Jerome vs Talia (Decent but that's it) 

4. Rachel vs JB. (Rachel was good, can't say the same about JB)  



EDIT: Actually, i re- watched  Rachel vs JB and i liked it better the second time. I'd probably rank them above Jerome vs Talia. And JB wasn't as bad as i was making it out to be, he was actually good.

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