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2 of the highest placing female rockers on the show, who do you prefer?


Who do you prefer  

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41 minutes ago, Hsamid said:

Yeah I really do wonder how Jermaine won that season..


Only explanation I can think of is genre, we've had multiple RNB winners since and only 1 rock winner (who sang a much more accessible type of rock than Juliett did)

I guess it’s that Jermaine was on Team Blake and Juliet was on Team CeeLo

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57 minutes ago, StarWalker1 said:

Juliet easily, she was able to channel so many different artists and genres like @Misirlou had pointed out earlier! Plus she seemed more "invested" in who she is, as opposed to Chloe, who did amazing nonetheless, but had more uninspired song choices (ex: Call Me, IWKWLI, BDE, etc)

I guess that explains it. I felt that Juliet took more risks compared to Chloe, and was more willing to experiment. Chloe kept doing the similar songs throughout the lives (even if I like the songs)

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