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Who won the Battle: S23 Edition


Who won their battle?  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Kala Banham vs Gina Miles

  2. 2. Tasha Jensen vs EJ Michels

  3. 3. Cait Martin vs Allie Keck

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- Saying this as a Kala fan, and as someone who didn’t like Gina’s BA that much, I think Gina won it fair and square, her tone intrigued me more and I really liked the vocal choices. That being said I still need to hear another entire performance by her on that level before I’m sold.



- Not huge on that song for them, if anything I think it fit EJ better, and he did sound great on the verses. Definitely prefer Tasha’s tone though, and there are parts where EJ really leans into the notes and I think it’s supposed to be emotional but it just doesn’t really sound good to me? Idk but yeah I’d choose Tasha



- Now I wasn’t that bothered by Allie’s tone in the BA, but for some reason here the “clenched” aspect of it really stuck out and it was kinda jarring to me. As it went on I got into it more and appreciated many of the things she was doing, but I still preferred Cait’s polished yet emotional approach by a fair margin. Allie probably deserved a steal though

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- Her toneeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Nuff said lol (jk but I just was more moved by how she emoted on that song, she gave me major Addison Agen-Girls wanna have fun battle-vibes. Kala was an absolute delight as well as I am SUPER glad she got stolen.



- Tasha's tone can shine on anything, even if it is on songs I'm personally not into. EJ was fine, but a bit forgettable



- From her gorgeous opening, to the way she gradually built upon the song, made it a full tour-de-force experience for me! Truly a world class singer! Allie was HELLA GOOD TOO! She definitely should have gotten a save ...

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Posted (edited)

Kala vs Gina


This one's the closest for me. I keep going back and forth with this one. For now I'll pick Gina. But I think Kala gained ground in the 2nd half of the performance.



EJ vs Tasha


I thought EJ Michels clearly won


His tone is more distinct, and the fact that he matches with Tasha vocally as a man is very impressive (and Tasha has a high voice). Dude is being slept on this season.



Cait and Allie


It's close. Tonally I prefer Allie but I think Cait did just a smidge more with the song. Vote goes to Kate.


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