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☀️ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Kylee Dayne Fan Thread ☀️


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Seems like she has a small but vocal fanbase here, and unlike my other TB fave actually has covers posted online lol, so let's do this


Updating later, but until then get in


☀️ Kylee Dayne Fan Thread ☀️

Instagram | TikTok



Reveal post:





TikTok covers:

Daniel Caesar - Japanese Denim

Keane - Somewhere Only We Know

Reneé Rapp - In the Kitchen




Song Suggestions:


Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

Birdy - Keeping Your Head Up

Foxes - Better Love

Foxes - Holding Onto Heaven

HAIM - Hallelujah

Holly Humberstone - London is Lonely

Lady Gaga - You and I

Lana Del Rey - The Greatest

Lorde - Perfect Places

LP - Lost on You

Mitski - Your Best American Girl




Fan List:

1. nytsch

2. allistr

3. FloorWax

4. Gustavo527

5. Boston026

6. QueenCami

7. erik g

8. Persy

9. AliXRose

10. StarWalker1





Blind Audition (fallingwater by Maggie Rogers):




Battle vs Mary Kate Connor (Anti Hero by Taylor Swift):




Knockout (All by Myself by Eric Carmen - Céline Dion's version):



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58 minutes ago, allistr said:

I thought Gustavo would make a fan thread for her at first lol :dead: he seems to be a fan of her pre-show

I was planning to, but my laziness didn't let me 😩. Plus, in my defense, i have enough work with the ratings thread lol


Anyway, glad someone else did it. @nytschadd me, please

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7 minutes ago, QueenCami said:

broken-hearted that i wasn’t added by default. 


please add me!

You and Gustavo were probably first in my mind tbh, I just had to be first on the fan list :giggle:

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They did great! I really liked that version (unlike Charlie Mason apparently lol)


Mary Kate lowkey came out of nowhere for me but I don't think she was that obviously better like some people are saying, Kylee held her own too. Plus she has the powerful notes which can work in her favor for coming rounds.

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I meant to keep this thread more active, but I’m moving rn and it’s a major headache lol, it seems like many of her singing videos are actually originals? That or I’m just not familiar with the songs…


Glad to see so many new members :wub:

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42 minutes ago, nytsch said:


So confirmation she is on tonight, also her friendship with Tasha is so cute, we love talented queens



Iirc, her, Tasha and Mary Kate are best friends. Parijita from last season followed them all on IG too.

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