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The Voice vs. American Idol


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3 hours ago, Hsamid said:

Lets be real though, that also happens on this side of the aisle when Alyssa gives us a visit.


Although, being mean when it comes to a contestants performance, although not ideal, is definitely different than when it is something personal (personality, appearance etc)


So I don't really have much of an issue when people are being civil when contestants that the majority of IDF are not a fan of come on the forum. (I don't think that even applies to Mia btw, a lot liked her, or at least were indifferent.)

idk it was so egregious there with Mia, far worse i think than with Alyssa where people r kinda tongue in cheek with her sometimes. there’s just a distinct shift.


also i won’t get into specifics bc i’m not trying to cause drama but there was one very active user who made this melodramatic post abt how this website does this particular type of criticism and how it’s not right (and Mia then approved of that post either by liking or replying, don’t remember) then turned around and did the same exact thing about a month later. like that side this season just seems so insufferable 😭


i just think some of the people there drip with insincerity, fakeness, hypocrisy… and that gets on my nerves a lot

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The last full season I watched of The Voice only had 2 live rounds, including the finale. This past season of AI had 8, and the final 2 performed a total of 21 times throughout their runs. AI is a much more demanding show. 

As for the level of talent, I think once you get to the top 8-10, it’s pretty close, and as I mentioned above, AI contestants are challenged far more. 

I also don’t think AI uses much autotune for the pre-lives, while we all know The Voice does. They are basically studio recordings by the time the editors are done with them. 

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The Voice's format has been getting worse and worse after the years, but it's still a pretty decent format by the franchise's standard. For example, The Voice Germany only has five rounds; The Voice Norway has basically the same rounds as The Voice USA, with more live shows instead of taped Playoffs, yeah, but at the end of the day the finalists end up having only five solo performances and that only the Top 2; and The Voice Australia and The Voice UK are pretty much only the blind auditions and everything after that is filler (The Voice AU is still somehow better LMAO) 


Everyone knows that the main attractive of the show is the blind auditions. That was the selling point when the first versions of the franchise premiered. That's why you will see plenty of compilations of blind auditions and plenty of viral audition's (S25 flopped HARD on that department, who knows what happened). At the end of the day, that will be the part that will bring the most interest from the public, and the other rounds will end up being shadowed by them.


Not justifyng the laziness and greed from the producers, but The Voice pretty much still somehow achieve it's purpose for what it was created by allowing singers that maybe don't have the most marketable image, to be judges only by their voice, even if that only exclusively applies to the first round of the show.


Both The Voice and American Idol work under different premises, it is what it is. And yeah, we know that the producers should understand that they are not competing with other versions of the show, they are competing directly with  Idol, so they should do the effort to do a show as good as Idol while keeping the same essence, but unfortunately they are not doing that. As long as the show is profitable enough for them, they will still be doing the bare minimum.

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Posted (edited)

And yeah, if i sounded like i still defended The Voice, well, it's hard not to do that when The Voice has been part of my life for more than 10 years now. I discovered the show in a dark time of my life and since then it has helped me to get through hard days. I can't deny that there is emotional attachment there, so i will somehow still defend it as much as i can, even if i can accept that Idol is just a better platform for younger singers. 

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