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American Idol Season 21 sigs/avies


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On 4/30/2023 at 11:31 PM, *Diana said:

are you taking requests still? May I have a new one? thanks so much


Of course! Here you go... :hug:


Tswia1.gif Tswia2.gif Tswia3.gif Tswia4.gif






And just a couple this week...


Mega1.gif Mega2.gif Mega3.gif




Zaca3.gif Zaca4.gif Zaca5.gif



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On 5/14/2023 at 6:13 PM, KelseyW said:

Bumping for our FINAL 3 TONIGHT. Then FINALE. Ugh... 😮 

Can't believe the finale is tomorrow! 




New this week...


Cola3.gif Cola4.gif




Iama4.gif Iama5.gif




Mega4.gif Mega5.gif Mega6.gif



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Congratulations to our new American Idol, Iam! 🎉


I can't believe how fast this season went by! I enjoyed making the sigs/avies as always and like I say every year, if anyone wants a sig/avie or whatever, I take requests all year, whether it's Idol related or not. Either post your request here or private message me. I'm happy to make anything for anyone!


Here's my last sigs/avies for the season...






Wina6.gif Wina7.gif





And I made a sig/avies of Ruben and Clay 20 years later... they were amazing and I loved seeing them perform again! :ruben: :clay:


ClRua1.gif ClRua2.gif ClRua3.gif ClRua4.gif





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