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The Voice 23 ● Premiere - Blind Auditions 1 ● Discussion


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Some stray thoughts:


- I like Neil's tone and he is clearly a good vocalist but the audition itself was pretty average. Not the most exciting way to start the season.

- An obscure Queen song is always appreciated but Sorelle's audition didn't work for me, sorry. 

- I was meh on Holly for about 90% of her audition but the last 20 seconds or so were great. I doubt she will be a personal fav but I'm keeping my eye on her,

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Wait, that was a dumb comment from Kelly "I would've hit my button if nobody else did, because your voice deserves to be here"...what nonsense is that??? She could've hit her button anyway.

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She's my favourite so far. Crystal clear, heavenly tone and some pipes on her as well 


Her rendition stacks up well against Ricky and Domenic. Her approach and tone is different enough to stand out among the other 2 versions, even if I still prefer Domenic's.

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