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The Voice 23 ● Premiere - Blind Auditions 1 ● Discussion


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Just now, seak05 said:

The inaugural voice blinds drinking game, please sip responsibly, non-alcoholic totally allowed 


1 very small! Tiny! sip whenever it is mentioned that it is Blake's last season (please sip responsibly)

1 sip for any pun on Chance's name

1 sip any time Niall/Kelly mention they have been on a singing show

1 sip any time Blake/Kelly mention they have won the show before

1 sip any time Niall mentions he's been in a band

1 sip any time Niall/Chance say they are new/fresh

1 sip any time Blake says he is the only country artist on the show

1 sip any time Kelly says she is sort of country/from Texas

1 sip anytime a contestants age is mentioned


2 sips if Kelly beats Blake for a country artist

2 sips if Blake wins a 3 or 4 chair turn non-country/country adjacent artist

2 sips anytime a coach says to choose a different coach

2 sips if Kelly blocks Blake again

2 sips for any jokes about what the coaches are wearing


1 shot of an Irish drink if you imitate and Irish accent while talking to someone else


Finish your drink if Chance or Niall beat Blake for a country artist

are you trying to make sure I have to get my stomach pumped???

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1 minute ago, VintageVoice said:

I can't tell for sure but I think the first link is PST, just as a heads up @istersay (or anyone else trying to use it)


well someone was wanting a pt stream, I guess they can use that, yikes for et though

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Just now, Hsamid said:

Why is my livestream showing news and not the voice.

Same lol, so I think the first one is PST, the second one is also news but I'm not sure what that timezone is supposed to be lol

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