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AI21 male or female winner this season?


AI21 male or female winner this season?  

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  1. 1. AI21 male or female winner this season?

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Well, since the reboot began there has been two female winners count and that was a huge setup for Samantha Diaz (AKA Just Sam) who won the pandemic season three years ago.


Then, we had two guys winning the last two seasons. Is there anyway we could squeeze in another female winner?

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Idol's NEVER had someone of an Asian background win.

Laine doesn't count. IMO

I mean someone who's of either Hawaiian or Philippine decent or Japanese/Chinese/Korean etc. 


Yes I'm serious. Heck we've never really had a Hispanic winner either. Just plain old white or black. I'm half kidding but when the WILL A MAN OR WOMAN WIN IDOL poll comes up every year/season it lowkey ticks me off. lol

Like how about someone who can...



2. Write/play an instrument like Mozart or you know strum more than two chords on a guitar singing about girls and trucks lmao

3. Sing in multiple languages


You get where I'm coming from I am sure...

I just want more in our winners than the typical boy next door/girl next door crap we've so come accustomed to winning. If you ain't Kelly/Carrie/David Cook/Kris Allen/Melinda Doolittle/Haley Reinhart good then stop showing up. lmao



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