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Jan 20th 2023 ~D. S. T .~ Sugar Creek Casino ~ Hinton ~ OK


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  • buttons66 changed the title to Jan 20th 2023 ~D. S. T .~ Sugar Creek Casino ~ Hinton ~ OK

 Still love this job. A lot of hard work getting this year started. Thank you again to the people who gave me the tool and opportunities to do this. @scottymccreery @spectrumsoundnashville @yamaha_proaudio_official @lakeprocessing @rationalacoustics




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Casino crowds are a mixed bag.....they seem to love his shows, but don't post much on social media.  My theory....they go right back to gambling after Scotty's performance, and don't think about going on IG or FB until a day or two later, lol.

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Found this on Dan Peppards FB account   accompanied by 2 pics of Spence ....but good to see they have changed the set list!! Altho it didnt seem like it after hearing a video from last night!! Have to hope we get some videos of the new songs.🙏🏻


Dan Peppard· 

Our friend Kristin posted these pics of Spence from last nights concert with the amazing Scotty McCreery. It’s the first concert of the year in Oklahoma , and Spence said it went great. They have added some songs and changed the set list. They are on the buss in route to San Antonio Tx for tonight’s concert.👏👏👏👏
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