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Who won the KO: S21 Edition (Part 2)


Who won their ko  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. Raquel Trinidad vs Katie Rae

  2. 2. David Vogel vs Ryleigh Plank

  3. 3. Xavier Cornell vs Jeremy rosado

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1. Raquel


Katie was solid vocally, but Raquel's performance was so fun and more technically impressive with all the quick runs she pulled off. The only knock against her is enunciation which can get on people's nerves, not me personally.


2. David


I thought David won this by a Landslide to be honest. One of my favourite KOs of the season, so much feeling in his performance and loved the acoustic spin and slight vocal changes he added to rhe song. Ryleigh was good, but I felt nothing to be honest.


3. Xavier


Jeremy is undeniably more technically impressive but I'd say his performance is more dissapointing. The power was really underwhelming, his belts sounded a bit muted and that's not something you want, especially from a Whitney Houston song. I also thought the emotion was missing a bit.


Xavier, while a bit more shaky performance wise, I felt his performance more and I prefer his tone here.

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  1. I believe Katie won that KO by a landslide but still managed to vote Raquel by mistake :whut:
  2. Ryleigh pretty much by default cause that Selena song is boring as hell sorry not sorry
  3. Both should've been used as snack for Gymani and Kinsey :wub:
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Xavier vs Jeremy

Eh, don't really care here, Jeremy was definitely underwhelming given the song he chose but I'll give it to him for taking it on and having some good moments.


David vs Ryleigh

Probably unpopular but I didn't like any of Ryleigh's performances. Her BA was okay I guess.


Raquel vs Katie

Raquel slayed it. Katie was fine but I didn't really like the song and the performance didn't excite me.

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Raquel - Katie was okay, Raquel was great overall.

David - Ryleigh was not ready for the show at all, sorry.

Jeremy - Honestly? Didn't care too much for Jeremy here but it was the clear dominant one.

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Raquel - When I watched the season I preferred Katie, but Raquel´s showmanship has eventually won me over and I appreciate her work on the show much more now. 


David - Loved his acoustic arrangement of his song. On the other hand, apart from the big notes, I think Ryleigh got drowned by hers.


Jeremy - Yeah, at this point I started to lose interest in Jeremy due to him beginning to go for formulaic picks of songs (I wish he would have continued on the route of covering unexpected artists like Rascal Flatts or Bieber and making them his own). That being said, he clearly won this. 

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1. Katie (I remember when spoilers had her eliminated and I thought she deserved to move on, but she actually got stolen. I was also tired of Raquel at that point).

2. David (I also preferred his performance, but imagine if he stayed on Team Ariana over Ryleigh)

3. Jeremy (Not the best Whitney cover, but still good enough to win this matchup)

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