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Who would win (only s10 and onwards)

Hamza Tufail

Who do you think will win?  

28 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose

    • Alisan porter
    • Sundance Head
    • Chris Blue
    • Chloe MK
    • Brynn Cartelli
    • Chevel Shepherd
    • Maelyn
    • Jake Hoot
    • Todd Tilghman
    • Carter Rubin
    • Cam Anthony
    • GNT
    • Bryce Leatherwood

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If we consider that their performances hold the same momentum as they were, then I think It's gonna be between Alisan/Chloe.
Sundance/Todd/Bryce/Hoot would be weaker in terms of voting with the presence of each other. Same can be said with Cam/Chris Blue.
Maelyn/Brynn/Chevel/GNT/Carter wouldn't stand a chance imo. 

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12 hours ago, Hamza Tufail said:

I honestly don't see Alisan or Chloe doing well with the current demographics.


Casual viewrs are shrinking season by season which is making minivan's hold even more stronger.


Alisan I agree, but you don't think Chloe would? Even as a young girl doing 80s rock on Team Blake? (I know she was actually in her 20s, but still kinda had the younger appeal imo)


I chose her because even though we don't know, I feel like at least in her season the margin of defeat was really big. Not that people didn't like Addison (I actually preferred her), but Chloe was just that popular. I know that doesn't necessarily mean she would win against other winners. I just thought, having such a lead in a competitive season meant she's really popular, kinda the same case with GNT.

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