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best TVAU / TVUK performance


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Ash Morgan - Never Tear Us Apart

Christina Marie - Her BA/Vision Of Love/Everlong

Cody Frost - Mad World

Ruti Olajugbagbe- Dreams

Bethzienna Williams - River




Diana Rouvas's everything

Celia Pavey - Scarborough Fair/Edelweiss

Harrison Craig - Broken Vow

Zeek Power vs. Lara Dabbagh - lovely

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The Voice AU (specially early seasons) deserves SO much more attention, some of those could rival US ones at its prime. Season 4 in particular has a bunch of performances worth checking out:


Caleb Jargo-Ward - Start Again

Naomi Price - Defying Gravity/Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Ellie Drennan (fantastic winner) - I Kissed a Girl/Team

Joe Price - all of them The Blower's Daughter/Believe/Last Request


And so many more, that season is so good I could see even some of the battle fodders going super far in the current US ones.

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49 minutes ago, Ottoxxx said:


Zeek Power vs. Lara Dabbagh - lovely


This battle singlehandedly started the trend of every other international Voice franchise using this song for a male-female battle matchup. There's like at least 5 other similar matchups out there.

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AU: Diana Rouvas- "A Song for You"

HM: Jesse Teinaki "Cellophane", Sheldon Riley "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", Bella Taylor Smith "The Voice Within", and "Ave Maria"


UK: Ruti- "Dreams" (Reprise)

HM: Cody Frost "Mad World", Wura "Strange"

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