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Who won the Battle: S5 Edition


Who won the battle  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. Amber Nicole vs Timyra Joi

  2. 2. James Wolpert vs Will Champlin

  3. 3. Olivia Henken vs Stephanie Anne Johnson

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So unfortunately I can't find the KO performances for the vast majority of losers this season, and even a handful of winners. I probably won't be able to do the KO rounds for some of the earliest seasons unless you wanna compare studio versions.. which doesn't seem fair at all.



Amber Nicole (Pink) vs Timyra Joi (white)



James Wolpert vs Will Champlin


Olivia Henken (Blonde girl) vs Stephanie Anne Johnson


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1. Amber definitely has the edge with the higher notes and was probably better from a technical standpoint. But I think I slightly prefer Timyra's fuller tone and the rasp she adds to some of her belts, it does sound like she's pushing more at parts but it never sounds bad and I think it adds to the "oomph" of her belts if you will.


2. Honestly, this battle is a mess lmao. But I think James raspiness suits the song better.


3. Never heard of this battle before listening to some of the S5 battles today. This was a fun, vocally impressive battle and they both capture the spunky attitude of the song well.


I kept going back and forth between who I'd pick, but ultimately went with Olivia. She has more range and power and its especially noticeable at the end when she drowns stephanie out. Her tone is a bit more pleasant throughout the performance while Stephanie has some rough sounding moments.  I do like the slight gritty quality to Stephanie's voice though.



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6 minutes ago, erik g said:

me who's never seen any of these🤪

Actually part of the reason why I do these. Not all too familiar with the single digit seasons and I found a lot of performances I really like that I otherwise wouldn't have heard (been replaying Lexi Davilla's KO), and maybe it will happen with others as well. At the very least, hopefully they enjoy the performances I show lol.


I have a feeling you'll at least like or appreciate the Timyra vs Amber battle.


(Are the videos blocked where you are though?)

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1 hour ago, QueenCami said:

like @Hsamid said, i think you’ll enjoy amber’s battle — it’s a hit !!


2 hours ago, Hsamid said:

I have a feeling you'll at least like or appreciate the Timyra vs Amber battle.

yall are right they slayed the house down😍. anyways 


Amber (Timyra shouldve been stolen)



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Ok, wow. I did not expect the other 2 to be this lopsided.


I can see why Will is winning. James was more all over the place to say the least.


But the Olivia vs Stephanie battle? I would have thought it would be close. At least the coaches agreed with me..

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Ehh, I don't feel strongly about any of these tbh. Only Amber vs Timyra is blocked for me but I remember Timyra being a little messy and probably would be great in 3-4 years but not quite there yet, so I'll vote Amber.




James vs Will

A for effort I guess? Lol. James' screaming was messy but in a weird way I thought it suited the song.


Olivia vs Stephanie

Call me basic but I love this song lol. Idk, Stephanie had higher highs but also messy parts while Olivia was more consistent. I'll go with Stephanie since she sold the attitude of the song better imo.

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