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Who won the KO: S8 Edition.


Who won their KOs  

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  1. 1. 3 way KO

    • Mia Z - Hold on I'm coming home
    • Sawyer Fredericks - Collide
    • Paul Pfua - I don't need no woman.
  2. 2. Kimberly Nichole vs Koryn Hawthorne

    • Kimberly Nichole - if you love somebody set them free
    • Koryn Hawthorne - Try
  3. 3. Joshua Davis vs Lexi Davila

    • Joshua Davis - arms of a woman
    • Lexi Davila - Anything Could Happen.

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Mia: I was so worried Pharrell was going to do something funny (like he's known to do) and leave Mia to get stolen lol


Koryn: Love love love Kimberly but I was kinda disappointed by the song choice. Koryn chose a great song and really had her breakout moment imo.


Joshua: Lexi had a few good moments at the end but otherwise I wasn't crazy about it. Joshua nailed it, can't think of anything I'd change about it. (He got boring later on though...)

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My picks


Mia Z


She hit E6 and G6 notes so effortlessly. Has to be some of the highest sung notes on the show. Only gripe with the performance is her pronunciation. Sawyer was awesome too.




Honestly like this rendition just as much as Tessannee's if not more, mostly due to the tone. Great song choice and powerful vocals. Kimberly's performance is good vocally, but not much happens in comparison. I'd say its her weakest performance tbh.




Heartfelt and emotive vocal. But this performance from Lexi is very good. I'm pretty surprised it's the closest out of the polls tbh



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