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Australian Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains


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Another 3 good episodes.  Don't know if we needed to vote someone over to the other tribe this early, but hey could be worse.  I will miss Miss Australia, she was fun.



1.  Shonee - took a backseat this week while other storylines play out.  I assume she will re-emerge soon.  Still dominating.

2. Hayley - Queen sh*t, proving why she's a winner.  Beat the winners curse, threw a challenge and survived even with Shaun trying to oust her over Rogue. She's got a target on her back, I assume shes probably merge boot if she can make it that far.

3. Liz - Also sat back with her partner Shonee.  Their duo has to be important later.

4. Benjamin - I am really enjoying him.  He is a target on his tribe, but he carried that last challenge.  

5. Simon - his vendetta against George is fun to watch unfold.  He thinking he has an immunity idol though when its not is funny. 

6. Shaun - here because he is visually appealling, not for his Hayley jealousy.

7. Nina - hasn't been too important yet, but I did love her calling Rogue out at the first hero tribal council.

8. Flick - I still like Flick, and that she is temporarily with Hayley.  However her foreshadowing that she wants to cut her, is not cute.

9. Sharni - I have enjoyed seeing Sharni this week.  

10. Jordie - I don't dislike him yet!  Good to see him building relationships with both Simon and George incase the chips fall on either side.

11. George - I go back and forth on George.  He was borderline Russell Hantz-like in his first season.  I see glimpses of it again.  That said I do think he is a great player.

12. David - he's hot.  

13. Paige - exists, and cries.

14. Gerry - going over to the villains put some life into him.  But seeing as he was on life support already, it was much needed.  Not sure what I think about him presently.

15. Sam - he's there.  Just like in his first season, I don't care for him.

16. Stevie - I don't particularily like Stevie from his first season.  I don't care for him this time either, and Shonee is on his radar, so that is not cute.

17. Fraser - who?  

18. Matt - apparently there is a guy named Matt in this cast.  I am sure he is one of the meat buffet gents.

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Meh this was a weak week and shows why I don't even get into this show. The Heroes are one of the most bland groups of individuals assembled and they could not carry the first two episodes this week. Ben seems likable? I still like Nina despite this piss poor edit? The villains are still a lot more fun, but if they keep losing the season will go down the toilet fast. Sarah seemed like such a fun character with so much potential and they don't even give her a single confessional on her boot episode?? It's clear as day all the returnees are working together and dogwalking the newbies, any hint that one of them will get voted out is disingenuous.


Hopefully we can lose some returnees next week. Liz and Fraser seem to be pretty well connected so I can't imagine any of the returnees letting them go easily if the Villains return to tribal council. But then again I thought the same thing about Sarah and here we are.

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I didn’t enjoy the last three episodes as much. I found it all very boring compared to the first couple. Maybe it’s that lull after such a great first couple of episodes so we’ll see.


I really hope they get rid of Simon soon. I’m bored of watching him run things already and everyone doing as he says.

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Lol @ the difference between the two episodes. The Heroes tribe is soooooooo boring. So happy we're getting swapped and Benjamin can get away from those losers. Hopefully Nina can come alive as well during a swap. Also adored Gerry just lounging around reading them all to filth ❤️. The rest of them can go, sooner rather than later preferably.


The Villains have all the stars obviously, losing any of them before the merge will be heartbreaking. That TC was amazing, George really did That. Shonee & Liz come out of it with the win though. George is just too chaotic for anyone to trust him longterm. Meanwhile, Stevie and Jordie are both running into their arms after that. Also Shonee now with an idol is great for her. Jordie continues to astound me this season, he has shown so much growth from last season till now. He was easily my least favorite coming into the season, but now he's becoming one of my favorites!


Simon & George both really work as villains and sparring partners for each other. They're both so petty and hate each other so much. If their sights get set elsewhere, they might become unlikable very fast. But for now, I'm loving both of them.

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Yeah overall, this week was definitely better than last week. I mean it's not without its faults (uneven editing, all the newbies getting slaughtered, all the women getting slaughtered) but a lot of this is pretty much par for the course for Australian Survivor and complaining about that is just like...why even bother watching the show at that point :dead:


1. George - A shock? "I don't think God likes Paige" kinda did it for me. I'm just embracing the madness that is George. He is an airtime hog and a giant ham, but he sells it well and he has f*cking flawless taste in allies.

2. Shonee - She's wonderful. Not much to say besides that.

3. Liz - This is a generous ranking since she is woefully underedited, but I adore every bit of screentime we get from her. I have a really bad gut feeling she's about to get swapscrewed here and I hate it.

4. Gerry - I love doddering old men on Survivor who have no filter ❤️.

5. Jordie - I am still in shock about this ranking. I genuinely hated Jordie so much in BvW, I've rarely had such a turn around on a reality show contestant from one season to the next. It's not like he's from S1 and it was a long break. He has grown so much with no break between seasons! He's likable, he's charming, he's witty! The way he was trying to suck up to the alpha bros this episode was hilarious!

6. Simon - I think he's playing the villain role perfectly. I hope he doesn't lose his edge now that he's around the other alphas. As long as no one takes him seriously, he's perfect.

7. Stevie - He's very clearly just a pawn in everyone else's games, but kinda c00t and adorable.

8. Nina - This ranking is solely based on last season, frankly she should be below Benjamin.

9. Hayley - This ranking is solely based on potential, frankly she also should be below Benjamin, but I'm just not too hot on him at this moment.

10. Benjamin - I'm a bit disappointed because I really want to like him and root for him, but I just don't get what he's doing. Why was Sharni his target last episode? Why did he return to the Heroes this episode? Am I rooting for him just because he's an underdog or do I actually like him?

11. Flick - Who?

12. Matt - I feel like there's something there compared to the other meat on the meat tray.

13. Shaun - Nah.

14. David - Nope.

15. Sam - F*ck you.

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This season is King George’s. :wub:

I wasn’t sold on George until he single handedly gave us the best tribal council from any country, ever. Now I have no other option but to stan. :yes: He’s an amazing player and to constantly dodge every vote just shows how incredible he is. In the words of the great and mighty OG Queen Sandra - KING STAYS KING! 

Edited by Zoey
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Sharni was no real loss but could’ve been a good number for The King/Shonee/Gerry/Stevie/Liz later down the road. 

THANK GOD that Paige has gone. I liked her to begin with but that girl really thought she was untouchable. 🙂 One of the most cocky players I’ve ever seen on the show. 

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This week was much more lively.  Sort of sad to see Sharni go, but Paige and Fraser leaving I was happy with.  That was quite the tribal council at the start of the week.  I don't really like that they added a twist and an individual immunity challenge last minute.  However the mind eff that was given during the Fraser ouster was fun. I am team spice girls.  That new heroes tribe is going to lose a lot.  



1. Shonee - Queen.  One successful idol play down, and another idol in reserve!

2. Liz - I hope her edit picks up soon, but I agree with Alex.  She looks like she's about to be swap effed.

3. Hayley - took a backseat this week, however with Shaun going heroes strong in the majority at the villains beach, I imagine she will slide right into the merge and be a massive target.

4. George - I disliked George the first time he played.  He is still alot, and borderline Russell Hantz-esque at times, but he does pick superb allies.  Can we get Hayley and him on a tribe soon?  I want to see their dynamic. I feel like they could have some rounds working together if they ever reunite.

5. Simon - his hate-hate relationship with George is fun to watch.  I assume itll pick up again at merge as there is way too much time spent on developing this dynamic.

6. Jordie - I feel for him being stuck with Simon after he just tried to oust him.  Simon knowing on top of that isn't good.  However he's a favorite for me right now.

7. NIna - invisible probably due to never having to go to tribal.  She probably slides right through to the merge like Hayley, and then we will get to see her play.

8. Benjamin - happy to see him away from the meat trays.  Now join the spicy girls!

9. Stevie - he is around still and isn't annoying me.  I am still scared for the day he comes for Shonee again.

10. Gerry - at least he is a spice girl.  Not doing too much for me yet though.

11.  Flick - she isn't doing anything and has no storyline this time around!

12. Shaun - he is still nice to look at.  But I don't like him in a power position.

13. David - who?  At least he's cute.

14. Sam - meh. Boring this season!

15. Matt - who?  Has he had a single confessional yet?

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Finally all caught up 😁in episode 7, George is good.:omg:what he did at tribal was awesome 😁


jordies actually likeable this season 😂

I wish u.s survivor would bring back the auction ☹️

I love that trio of shonee, Liz and George 

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Jordie noooooooo 🙈. What were you thinking?! He had to play the idol when all them whispering. It was just so obvious! Tbh I'm kinda glad their plan didn't work. There are waaaaaaaaay too many idols out there. But oh how I wish we lost Sam over Jordie. I am glad Liz still has her idol at least. Hopefully she'll be smart enough to play it if they go back to tribal council lol.


I'm over Hayley & Nina till further notice though. If they're content on being at the bottom of the meat tray alliance good for them, but I'm not gonna support it.

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there is way too much cross tribal talking.  I would be more upset if it weren't Liz and Shonee doing it though.  :haha: They are just blatantly doing it while anyone could turn around and see them do it.


Also Nina waking up was good to see.  I don't see her staying with the heroes, hopefully she takes Hayley with her.  Hayley and George reunited should be a good time.  



Also Matt has the best edit of all time.  Its like he's not even on the season.

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The Australian show is so much better than any other. JLP and the editors should be proud of the job they are doing. Jordi going from having the video call, his story of starting a family and having everything to get through the next couple of votes and then getting voted off? Epic!

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Overall, another great week! This pre-merge has been really strong. I assume we'll merge soon and hopefully it'll be just as strong as the pre-merge. Not surprised by the convenient twist when Hayley was in trouble. I kinda wish we lost her here, she's been giving nothing. But I'm not surprised the producers protected her before we got our big and inevitable George vs. Hayley showdown.


Final 13:

1. Simon - What an epic storyline he's had so far. The editors are completely destroying the poor guy, but it's making for fun television lol.

2. Liz - Queen! Love seeing her stand out on her own now. The challenge chats with Shonee have been legendary, and the drama with Simon last episode was so fun. So excited to see her vs. George next week :wub:

3. Shonee - Still very fun, I'm enjoying all her relationships she's forming out there.

4. George - I knew he couldn't stay number one forever because he's still A Lot, but he's still an amazing character.

5. Gerry - He's so lowkey shady and kinda fun. Him and Shonee giggling together as Stevie was being an idiot ❤️.

6. Stevie - Poor Stevie, he tries so hard ❤️.

7. Nina - Glad we're finally getting some insight from her! Her alliance with David & Sam is interesting, and ultimately justifies her moves at the Jordie vote. I think that's a great alliance from her since she and Sam seem to be less connected than the other vets. Loved seeing her bring Liz in and I wish her move against Hayley would have worked.

8. David - Looking forward to seeing more from his duo with Nina.

9. Flick - A bit more interesting now that she's on the outs. I like how she handled the fake idol fiasco.

10. Matt - I kinda hope he turns into a shady double agent, could be fun.

11. Hayley - I feel like she has no chance at winning and she's trying to fly under the radar best as possible due to her target. George on the other hand knows he's not winning so he's trying to create as much chaos as possible. It's clear which strategy I prefer.

12. Sam - I like him with Nina & David, but he's still lowkey a waste.

13. Shaun - Meh I've got nothing.

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This was a great episode for Liz. Theres been a lot of twists that have saved people.  The IC that saved Simon, George not returning to camp in time for the first tribal council when he was going to be eliminated.  One being saved for Hayley (or it could have just as easily been to save Simon), doesn't bother me. I think its now struck me that Liz is the only female newbie left and theres only like 5 females left in the game.



1.  Shonee - I continue to stan unconditionally.  I don't know if she will win this season, but I feel like shes got a good shot if she goes deep.

2. Liz - Love her, and happy to see her break out and get some content. She's someone i could see surviving and getting to the end as the spice girls feel like they are gaining momentum.

3. Simon - I really like him this season.  Production are trolling him but its fun. Him walking around in his purple speedo is always a highlight. 😎 I am so intrigued where his story goes no with being on the outs of the heroes and the villains.  

4. Hayley - my favorite winner alongside Pia.  I don't think any Aus Survivor winner could come back and win a season.  Winning one of these seasons requires too much luck and the game is too long for a winner to get end game a second time.  Shes done great getting this far and considering the size of her target, proud of her.

5. George - I want him and Hayley on the same tribe still.  I long for how their interaction happens.  I think he probably gets the best of her this season with his relationships.

6. Flick - she took the fake idol like a champ and turned it a little on her side.  She's back to the Flick I enjoyed in BvB. Still not much of a storyline though.

7. Gerry - I appreciate him as a spice girl.

8. Nina - she's alive.  I wonder if she jumps sides at merge since shes over the heroes.  I would bump her up for that.

9.  Stevie - the spice girl I least need.  But he's providing some comedic relief.  

10. David - he's hot.  Thats all that matters to get to this spot. He can get it.

11. Shaun - he's getting on my nerves.

12. Matt - someone breathed life into him this last episode, so I at least know who he is.

13. Sam - wish he had went home over Jordie.  I want him to get Flick'd by another flick for the second time xD.

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Great episodes this week. They continue to show the same people so I’m assuming one of them win. I don’t think Liz will actually vote out George. They just need to give him storylines within his tribe pre-merge because he is the show.


01. George - I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone single handedly remove so many people from the game before. He doesn’t hide behind people and I live for the chaos that he’s bringing to the show.

02. Liz - She’s a queen. She doesn’t give a shit what people think or who they are. She’s a strong competitor both physically and strategically.

03. Nina - Finally! Nina has turned it up a gear this week and I was hoping her plan to vote off Hayley would’ve solidified her majority within the villains. A see so much Sandra!

04. Flick - I thought Flick was just a number for the heroes but I actually enjoy her. She’s a fun character and I like the fact she’s able to separate the game from reality. She’s just fun.

05. Shonee - Shonee has her moments but I don’t feel as if she’s done much in the game so far. I can’t really knock her for it when most of the other tribe have done nothing in the game yet. This is solely for how much of a character she is. 
06. Stevie - I would probably rank Stevie above Shonee because he’s brought so much to the show in terms of the unknown but that’s also gone against him because I can’t handle anymore anxiety of whether he’s going to turn on The Spice Girls. It would be epic for him to make the final tribal council at this point because I think he’d get every single vote to win if he was against anyone but George.
07. Gerry - I love the sniper from the side. 
08. Sam - He’s stepped it up a bit by creating some distance between himself and his original alliance but still hasn’t brought that much.

09. Simon - I live for messy Simon because it’s comedic gold but then when he attempts to play the game seriously he just isn’t likeable. The cockiness then comes out and he’s back to the bottom half of my ranking. He also lacks any sort of personality which is frustrating. He has no self awareness at all!

10. Hayley - I really enjoyed Hayley at the beginning of the season but her blind loyalty to Shaun has made her invisible since then. She’s had an easy season so far and I think she’s a sitting duck.

11. Dave - The only thing he has brought to the table is a solid alliance with Nina and that saves him from being ranked last.

12. Matt - Who?
13. Shaun - He’s just there? He isn’t bringing anything to the show at all.

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Jordies a stupid, idiot.  Should’ve played the idol 🙄 what a waste of Shonees idol.  He definitely got over confident 

I liked that we got to see more of Flick and Matt.  Simons probably glad that he didn’t play the fake idol 😜


the throwing of the challenge sucked. Stevie could’ve done his own thing and Gerry could leave. What if Stevie voted for George?  It would have tied between Gerry and Ben


George is good with words.   That deal he offered Flick😍


I don’t see George or Simon getting through the early merge.  Well Simon could but he’s not winning😂

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