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Team Kelly Fan Thread👸🏼


Favorite Winner?  

61 members have voted

  1. 1. Favorite Winner?

    • Brynn Cartelli (S14)
    • Chevel Shepherd (S15)
    • Jake Hoot (S17)
    • Girl Named Tom (S21)
  2. 2. Favorite Finalist?

    • Micah Iverson (S18-5th)
    • DeSz (S19-4th)
    • Kenzie Wheeler (S20-2nd)
    • Hailey Mia (S21-4th)

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Team Kelly Clarkson – 109 Members




Season 14: 🏆

Brynn Cartelli 

Dylan Hartigan

D.R. King

Jackie Foster

Kaleb Lee

Alexa Cappelli        

Tish Haynes Keys

Jorge Eduardo


Justin Kilgore         

Molly Stevens

Teana Boston

Amber Sauer

Hannah Goebel      



Season 15: 🏆

Chevel Shepherd

Sara Grace

Kymberli Joye

One Up

Abby Cates

Claire DeJean

Cody Ray Raymond

Sandy Redd

Delaney Silvernell

Mikele Buck

Erika Zade

Josh Davis


Natasia GreyCloud

Keith Paluso

Lynnea Moorer




Season 16:

Abby Kasch

The Bundy’s

Rizzi Myers

Rebecca Howell

Presley Tennant

Jej Vinson

Rod Stokes  

Matthew Johnson   

Betsy Ade    

Karen Galera

David Owens

Beth Griffith-Manley

Alena D'Amico

Jackson Marlow

Mikaela Astel



Season 17: 🏆

Jake Hoot

Hello Sunday

Shane Q

Gracee Shriver

Alex Guthrie



Brooke Stephenson

Brennan Lassiter

Melinda Rodriguez

Injoy Fountain

Steve Knill

Max Boyle

Kiara Brown



Season 18:

Micah Iverson

Tayler Green

Meghan Danielle


Sara Collins

Samantha Howell

Mandi Thomas

Anaya Cheyenne


Gigi Hess

Camm Wess




Season 19:


Tanner Gomes

Maddie Consoer

Eli Zamora

Ryan Gallagher

Skylar Mayton


Kelsie Watts

Marisa Corvo

Joseph Soul

Cami Clune

Sid Kingsley



Season 20:

Kenzie Wheeler

Ghianna Zoe

Corey Ward

Zae Romeo

Savannah Woods

Avery Robertson

Anna Grace

Ryleigh Modig

JD Casper

Halley Greg

Gean Garcia




Season 21: 🏆

Girl Named Tom

Hailey Mia

Jeremy Rosado


Katie Rae

Holly Forbes

Kinsey Rose

Aaron Hines

Jershika Maple

The Cunningham Sisters

Xavier Cornell

Parker McKay

Carolina Alonso

Wyatt Michaels



Season 23: 

D. Smooth

Holly Brand

Cait Martin


Allie Keck

Katie Beth Forakis

Marcos Corvos

JB Somers

Kala Banham

Neil Salsich





  • Brynn Cartelli became the youngest winner at the age of 15.
  • Chevel Shepherd became the first country artist to win, that wasn't on Team Blake
  • Jake Hoot became the first 1-Chair turn to win, where other coaches could have turned.
  • Girl Named Tom became the first non-solo act to win.
  • Kelly won 3 out of her first 4 seasons (4/8 total; giving her the highest success rate of 50%)
  • First female coach to win multiple seasons.
  • First female coach with multiple artist in the finale.
  • 2nd Coach with the most wins.
  • Kelly is the first, first-time coach to win back-to-back seasons.
  • Kelly has won with a 1, 2, 3, and 4 chair turn.
  • Hailey Mia is the first ever finalist that won the Wildcard Instant Save.
  • D. Smooth becomes the first ever finalist, to have received a Playoff Pass (skipping the KOs).


Team Kelly on American Idol (Post The Voice):

  • Megan Danielle - 2nd Place (2023)
  • Hailey Mia - Top 24 (2024)
  • Presley Tennent
  • Rebecca Howell
  • Zae Romeo (2024)



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Honestly Micah isn't that bad, i was salty that he beat Megan but honestly, he was better in the "lives". Megan peaked at her KO. 


He earned that 5th place tho. Damn, i hope some day we can have a decent cover of "Chasing Cars" on this show because his wasn't it. 

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Chevel for winner. Girl never missed, she just kept getting better and destroying the competition lmao. Showing how to sing country at even just 16 years old lol. 


Hailey for finalist. Raw power and stellar control, I truly believe she would have won if Kelly really pushed her with more appealing song choices. Although I'm glad she slayed with what she was given.


For rest:


Brynn/GNT > GNT/Brynn(Both were kind of meh sometimes, but had great highs when they went for it.) "Here Comes Goodbye" "Up To The Mountain" "Fix You" for Brynn. "Wichita Lineman" "Dust In The Wind" "River" for GNT. > Jake(Although he had good highs too, just weaker than the two before)


Desz > Kenzie > Micah. Honestly all here were kind of meh their whole runs, great audition for Desz, good for Kenzie and Micah. Desz got wtf songs going forward though, Kenzie couldn't find his footing on stage, and Micah was in a taped season(and he still flopped in the Finale lmao)


(Also if some complained about Hailey in her season going farther than she "should have", well you got Brayden this season who showed you the difference between teens with insane potential and talent vs an average vocalist who needs a lot of help. Sorry, just needed to say that)

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It has been…

•4 years since Brynn won (May 22, 2018) 


•4 years since Chevel won (December 18, 2018).

•3 years since Jake won (December 17, 2019)


•1 year since GNT won (December 14, 2021)

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  • istersay changed the title to Team Kelly

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