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RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 15


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So after watching the meet the queens theres a handful that stood out for me.  They are:



1.  Sasha Colby - she's so pretty!  I am excited to see what she brings.

2. Sugar & Spice - I am interested in the dynamics of twins on the season.  

3. Aura - really excited to see another Filipino queen! 

4. Jax - Interesting look and I liked their competitive athlete backstory!



Salina feels like a hybrid of Alexis Mateo and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo.  

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First impression ranking - I don't dislike anyone, and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone are capable of doing.


  1. Sasha Colby: Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
  2. Amethyst: She had my favourite MTQ segment, and unfortunately for the other queens, they had to follow her.
  3. Jax: My fellow shortie!
  4. Spice: Out of the two sibblins, Spice is the one that impressed me the most.
  5. Anetra: Super intrigued by what she has in store for us.
  6. Irene DuBois: Hilarious and intrigued by her.
  7. Marcia Marcia Marcia : Love the name, love the aesthetic ; Hope she's more than just a fashion queen.
  8. Sugar: Curious what Sugar has in store, and if they are a performance... The dynamic will be interested
  9. Malaysia Babydoll Foxx: What a long name, but personality is not an issue!
  10. Aura: Absolutely stunning. 
  11. Robin Fierce: When she introduced herself, I thought she was gonna said that she was named after Robyn from ANTM and she used fierce because Robyn was fierce... But she lost me when she said she was inspired by Raven. 
  12. Loose LaDuca: Need to see more from her, but her being a construction worker shook me up. 
  13. Princess Poppy: Afraid that she will be another Starlet.
  14. Luxx Noir London: Want to like her but I've got like no personality in MTQ
  15. Salina EsTitties: Lux does not have enough personality. This one has too much personality :haha: 
  16. Mistress Isabelle Brooks: Not a fan of the name tbh. 



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On 12/14/2022 at 11:39 AM, #jeah said:

I saw Jax perform in Astoria back in August and she was such a joy to watch, so hilarious and sweet and talented. She’s my initial favorite along with Anetra but I’ll do a pre-season ranking when I have more time!

I keep seeing people posting about her on Reddit but her drag name is giving me PTSD so hopefully she'll win me over. :haha:

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After watching the MTQ, this cast really does seem stacked. Lots of performers and hopefully there is some fighting and drama this season. More Daya Betty energy please!


1. Jax - Biased ranking kind of like how I saw Jasmine before S14 (and she ended up remaining one of my favorites), but I love Jax. She's cute and funny and can perform the house down boots. I'm super excited to see what she brings to the competition

2. Anetra - This is partially a thirst ranking (so cute out of drag and that voice 🥵), but from what I've seen Anetra is an incredible dancer and performer and I thought her MTQ was super cute and memorable. I have high hopes for her.

3. Marcia Marcia Marcia - Love her aesthetic, love her name, she may be all bark and no bite but I'm really hopeful for her as well.

4. Salina Estitties - Love her so much lmao. Sola is totally right she's Alexis meets Vanjie. But even more annoying than both of them :haha: 

5. Sasha Colby - Game over, she has this in the bag.

6. Mistress Isabelle Brooks - Aw she's adorable, she has this quiet confidence to her as well and I'm excited to see what she has to offer

7 / 8. Spice / Sugar - I can't really differentiate one from the other yet, I think I'll enjoy the dynamic that they'll bring to the season.

9. Luxx Noir London - Love her confidence and sense of style. Lmao at her bringing up that she smells good like 8 times, girl no one cares about that on a TV show!

10. Aura Mayari - She seems fun and funny, love the FIlipino pride

11. Malaysia Babydoll Foxx - She seems really infectious and hilarious, excited to see some Miami representation this season too!

12. Loosey Laduca - Is he really a construction worker irl? I'm screaming

13. Robin Fierce - She seems very poised and eloguent. Not a standout but I enjoyed her.

14. Irene Dubois - I like her, she seems a little lowkey and her humor comes across a bit more subtle than most of the other queens.

15. Amethyst - She seems a little awkward lmao. Out of her league maybe

16. Princess Poppy - Who?

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Very early rankings mostly based on MTQ.


1. Sasha Colby

2. Luxx Noir London

3. Anetra

4. Robin Fierce

5. Jax

6. Mistress Isabelle Brooks

7. Malaysia Babydoll Foxx

8. Marcia Marcia Marcia

9. Aura Mayari

10. Spice

11. Sugar

12. Loosey LaDuca

13. Salina Estitties

14. Princess Poppy

15. Amethyst

16. Irene Dubois

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I'll be following this season in live time, as I do with the American seasons.


Looking forward to tonight's episodes. I heard of some stuff of the Queens but haven't seen anything of them. I know there are twins this year, which sounds pretty cool. But yeah.... 16 of them and I don't know them sooo it will be fun taking a month or 2 trying to get to know everyone. :dead: 

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What a great first two episodes. One of the best? I didn’t know many queens other than seeing Sugar & Spice on TikTok and watching a few Sasha videos when you all started stanning at the cast reveal. So I’m very open this season so everyone’s on a level playing field at the beginning.


01. Anetra - I am living! Hilarious and impressive talent show and a beautiful runway. I have Kameron Michaels vibes already. She was by far my favourite this week. She stole the episode. QUEEN! 👸

02. Marcia Marcia Marcia - Brilliant talent show. She was able to combine a real talent with comedy and it was perfect. I love her aesthetic so I hope she doesn’t lose it too much now the judges have asked for more.

03. Spice - Who would’ve thought it? Hardly any performing experience and she delivered a hilarious performance. I live for her Drag aesthetic so I’m hoping she sticks around a long time. My favourite style of drag!

04. Sugar - So f*cking hot out of drag. I’m wishing I was a gay man so I had more of a chance. 😥 I didn’t expect Sugar to serve such a great performance. I’m expecting a lot from her runways this season. Major Sminty vibes so I hope she sticks around too. I love Sugar & Spice together.

05. Isabelle - I wasn’t here for the Sugar & Spice shade and how she felt insulted that they were doing drag but I loved her talent show and her runway was beautiful. I’m glad she ate her words and I hope she does tear some bitches down this season.

06. Robin - Her facial expressions are everything. I enjoyed her talent show and her runway was stunning. I expect her to go deep in to the competition.

07. Luxe - She has a great personality from what we’ve seen and I really enjoy her drag. She killed the talent show.

08. Jax - I think Jax is very confident in what she does and she can sell anything to the people watching her but I’m not fully sold yet. I think with a little more polishing she could go far. She’s a perfect queen for this competition. She had a good week.

09. Salina - Salina and Sasha are probably interchangeable for me but I preferred Salina’s talent show more. The talent portion was great but what was she wearing? I didn’t enjoy her three looks throughout the episode but the talent was strong. 

10. Sasha - Hear me out. I wasn’t a fan of Kerri last season because I don’t find her to be an exciting performer and I expected more based on what the fandom said pre-show. I’m hoping this isn’t the same for Sasha! I’m more clued up on the British drag scene than I am the US so Sasha was merely a name I had read online a few times. I watched a couple of videos and I do find her entertaining but that’s where my opinion had stopped. I just wasn’t sold on her Drag this episode and I’m sure you’re all going to stone me because of it. Her entrance make-up was horrendous, I liked the neck-up on the runway and there was a complete disjoint in her talent show performance. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s one of my favourite songs ever but her over annunciation of the words killed it for me. If she had calmed down a little bit and felt the songs meaning more than I would’ve enjoyed it more. I loved the concept of the talent show though. I also love her personality. Just an okay week for me. 

11. Malaysia - Malaysia would be a lottttttttt higher had I just seen the talent show and it ended there. One of my favourites of the week based on that but then I remember nothing other than her arguing in rehearsals. 

12. Amethyst - I like her aesthetic and she seems like a lovely queen but there was a slight decline from when she entered to the talent show and then the runway. The talent show wasn’t funny and the concept was kinda confusing. You’ve lost your baby but because you’ve drank too much? I still don’t know. She did well in the lip-sync though.
13. Poppy - She had funny

parts throughout her talent show and I like anyone who can push harsh realities in comedy but it just didn’t have any impact amongst the other queens. I’ve already forgotten her runway.
14. Aura - Already starting to irritate me with the “I’m the trade of the season” *kisses biceps* crap. It was an alright talent show but I got absolutely nothing from her on the runway. 
15. Irene - Irene would be higher if it was based on runway and not the talent show. It had the potential to be hilarious but she didn’t choose the right parts when she put it together. I really didn’t expect her to go with the amount of screen time they gave her during the first episode. I don’t think she’s gone so maybe there’s a potential return?
16. Lucy - I expected big things from the way she sold herself but she just fell short. I think she was the weakest in the talent show and I thought her runway was kinda predictable even though I don’t even know her. I didn’t find her exciting. 

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1. Anetra (+2) - I mean come on! What an entrance. All-Star level of talent show. Don't underestimate her.

2. Jax (+3) - Closed the talent show on a bang. I'm really enjoying her and am excited for more of her.

3. Sasha Colby (-2) - I think she was in the top half of performances last night for sure. I expect she will come out swinging very soon.

4. Robin Fierce (=) - A Heavy D and the Boyz lip-sync wasn't what I expected from Drag Race in 2023 but I loved it. Love that song, thought she totally delivered the performance too. I'm excited for her.

5. Marcia Marcia Marcia (+3) - Excited for her. Gave us an unexpected talent show, love her aesthetic even if she's not wearing a whole load of make-up lmao.

6. Luxx Noir London (-4) - Although I kinda forgot her talent show as time went on, I think she still did a great job. She clearly has a lot of charisma and potential. And I can totally see how she's Mo's daughter.

7. Mistress Isabelle Brooks (-1) - The pageant girls are always some of my favorites. Mistress is already having some fun shady moments and I'm sure that'll continue.

8. Malaysia Babydoll Foxx (-1) - She's gorgeous. Talent show kinda fell flat to me though. It was fine but a little too.. safe IMO.

9. Princess Poppy (+5) - I had no opinion of Poppy in the first interview honestly but in the pre-season stuff I've seen since, I'm enjoying her more and more. I think she could be a bit of a sleeper pick.

10. Spice (=) - I think there's something strangely endearing about the twins. The way they want to make friends and be a part of the drag community is honestly really sweet! In an underdog way, I'm rooting for them.

11. Sugar (=) - See above. Haven't really differentiated them yet but I guess I enjoyed Spice's talent show a little more.

12. Irene Dubois (+4) - Omg that talent show was.. kinda uncomfortable. Where were the jokes? It's a shame because based on what we saw otherwise, I think she could have had a lot of potential to do well.

13. Aura Mayari (-4) - I feel like she's got a lot to show but that talent show was just kinda underwhelming to me? I was expecting more than we got.

14. Loosey LaDuca (-2) - She probably could have played it safe, stuck to lip-syncing and she might have escaped the bottom. It's a shame because I enjoyed her and I hope this lights a fire underneath her.

15. Amethyst (=) - I liked that her talent show was something different. I probably would have kept her out of the bottom and put Loosey there instead. She'll need to step it up next week though.

16. Salina EsTitties (-3) - Salina just didn't leave much of an impression on me out the gate. I can see her being a big, fun character but I didn't quite get a lot from her in the two episodes.

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Posted (edited)

I really liked the first 2 episodes.


1. Anetra - slayed that talent show, truly something to behold. I didn't really remember her from the meet the queens but she sure left an impression this time. I didn't love her runway but as long as she has more variety in her runways I can forgive.

2. Sasha Colby - She's an absolute star.  I was so into her talent show. Her runway was hands down the best one for me, and part of the reason I put her at #2.

3. Jax - One of my pre-season favorites and she didn't disappoint. This is what Kerry Colbys talent show should have been.

4. Spice - I find the twins so fascinating, and of the pure lipsync performances, this was hands down my favorite of the most interesting one. Also her she ripping off her wig infront of rupaul and putting on a shower cap for a hair movement photoshoot had me howling.  

5. Marcia Marcia Marcia - creative, hilarious and a presence in the confessionals.

6. Mistress Isabelle Brooks - She started off rough to me but as the episodes went on and I see her start to connect with the twins and see she was trying to help them, really endeared me to her. This queen is one to watch I think.

7. Princess Poppy - She was fun to watch and twisted a typical lipsync to something memorable and thats what you need to do in these talent shows.

8. Spice - I think her aesthetic doesn't pop quite as well as Spice's does on TV.  But she's cute and she's trying.  Middle of the road performances and lipsync.

9. Robin Fierce - One of the Top outright dances of the night.  It worked with the music and she looked good.

10. Luxx Noire London - She is this high for her runway which was one of the best of the night.  Her talent show was not good, and largely forgetable. I think it was the song though.

11. Aura Mayari - A huge drop from my pre season rank.  Trade of the season is right, and I was excited when she said she was hip-hop dancing.  Something didn't work though it was either the song or the choreo to that song.  

12. Lucy Laduca - I wanted to like it.  Lucy was a presence in the confessionals.  Hopefully shes actually a better singer then that and just was pitchy from nerves, as that was pretty bad. Excited to see her get another chance and at least she tried to be different.

13. Salina Estitties - I don't remember her talent show number, but all she was, was loud.  I didn't get anything that would make me gravitate toward her this episode, and her twin hate was no cute.

14. Malasia Babydoll Foxx - awful name, but I hated her talent show.  She walked around to an unforgettable song and sat on a chair. Bryce was more interesting in her talent show and all he did walk 10 steps.

15. Irene Dubois - I find her way more interesting then Amethyst, but her talent show was dreadful.  I didn't really get the satire that from the performance that was supposed to be there.  I liked her aesthetically 

16. Amethyst - I don't really like her.  I think the talent show concept was a neat idea with a poor execution. I don't know she falls flat in all categories for me as nothing she wore this week interested me either.

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OMGG 16 Queens is just wayyy too many to remember all at once, omg. :dead: I'll try to post the thoughts I have now before I forget them.


I agree with those that were saying Anetra and Jax were the standouts of the talent show! We have seen so many lip sync performances on the talent show that I want to see something more than lip syncing and dancing. I felt that Anetra and Jax definitely brought that. Anetra was so fun and exciting with how she performed. She was killing it with her dance moves. But not only that, but the karate addition to the performance had me shook. :omg: I didn't really remember Jax earlier on the episode but wow her talent show really impressed me. Loved the section with her playing jump rope with her hair and how effortless she made it + all of those back flips! Those two stood out in the talent show and could have won for me, so I'm happy for Anetra winning.

Marcia Marcia Marcia was deserving of her Top 3 placement. I thought she had a fun and funny comedy act but mixed in some beautiful technical dancing. That was a lot of fun to watch.

I can't really fault the Bottom 3. I appreciate the live singing act that Loosey LaDuca took but it's a shame it didn't come together. :( If it did, it could have been great. Amethyst had a meh performance, where it was trying to be funny but it didn't work. But she did impress me with her lip sync to "7 rings" and deserved to stay.  But eeek, what a real shame that Irene Dubois' talent show fell really flat. She had my least favorite act, where it was uncomfortable and just not fun to watch. I'm kinda sad to see Irene go as I felt she had a lot of potential but at least she won the first mini challenge. Not many first boots can say that.

Some other standouts that I can remember:
- Luxx Noir London seems like a big personality and I really enjoyed her talent show performance.
- Oooh I guess I am not too educated on the drag scene because I don't really know who Sasha Colby is. :ph34rwave: But I saw a lot of buzz about her. I love her look and style and really enjoyed her talent show performance. I look forward to seeing more from her.
- Robin Fierce is a great dancer. She seems more of a quieter/under the radar personality but I'm looking forwad to her.
- Oh wow Sugar & Spice, the twins.... they are A LOT. :dead: Okay I get how they are a bit much and annoying, but I'm kinda here for the drama that they are going to bring. I hope they won't annoy me. But I also agree with Lily's comments on their eagerness with how they want to make friends in the drag community as they are new and don't have actual drag friends. I can't tell which one I prefer more but hoping to see more of them as separate people soon.
- Salina EsTitties  is another really big personality. She had me cracking up through a lot of the show. I can't really remember her talent show that well but I wonder how she will compare to the other big vibrant personalities on the show.

I don't know why I'm feeling like there's going to be a battle between the young social media queens versus the traditional queens... I got a lot of that this episode but hopefully that doesn't become too overbearing but we'll see.

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Sugar and Spice letting the other queens assume they'll flop tremendously while knowing they have a gimmick, a ready-for-TV storyline and will make RuPaul laugh?


I have no choice but to stan.


Spice is the superior twin though.

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