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After semis, pick your personal Top 5 for the finale


After semis, pick your personal Top 5 for the finale  

46 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose 5

    • bodie
    • Morgan Myles
    • Bryce Leatherwood
    • Parijita Bastola
    • Omar Jose Cardona
    • Kim Cruse
    • Brayden Lape
    • Justin Aaron

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Just on yesterday:

Morgan, Kim, Bryce, Omar, bodie



Based on body of work:

Morgan, bodie, Kim, Omar, Justin


This is a season (much like S21) where I wish we had a top 6 because if we did I’d 100% get Parijita in there, but she’s struggled a bit too much live to justify including her in my top 5. I still enjoy her a lot, so I’m happy she’s made it this far at least.


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The Top 5 I want (in order): Justin, Omar, Kim, Morgan, Bodie (IS)

(I was conflicted between Bodie and Parijita, but overall, due to Bodie having a much stronger live performance body of work, I went with him. I'd be fine if it were Parijita instead, though!)


The Top 5 I predict: Morgan, Bodie, Bryce, Omar, Justin (IS)

(I think Bodie will get enough votes from people who love his style no matter how weak his performance was last night. Morgan, Bryce, and Omar get so much organic buzz, I think they're all but guaranteed. I think if Justin had been as strong as he was on "Break Every Chain" last night, he would've been a shoo-in, too, but I think he'll have to fight for it. Against Kim, Parijita, and Brayden, I think he has a solid chance in the Instant Save.)

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