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Thumbs down reaction


Should we have a thumbs down reaction?   

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    • No

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41 minutes ago, Discovolcano2 said:

When someone disagrees with a comment the only reaction you could give is a confused emoji. I think something like a thumbs down would work better 

Wouldn't hurt.


Confused reaction more often times than not, is used when people disagree with someone, instead of ya know, actual confusion.



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That seems like maybe a cheap reaction.  Disagreements about an opinion are often nuanced where a group of 5 can disagree for 5 different reasons.  The only thing a threat of "thumbs down" would accomplish is a reduction in discourse.  So, if you care enough to weight is on someones opinion....say it.  Let's not cheapen discourse at the alter of convenience.  



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I’m not voting because I’m fine either way but I would like a respect button. Like if say you didn’t agree with what someone said but you respect their opinion or the way they put it.


edit: I voted yes because it’s more popular in the votes.

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