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What was the deal with Xtina and Melanie?


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So I’m watching season 3 of the voice bc I heard it was good, and I’m honestly stunned… look Ik the coaches are supposed to give honest critiques, but in my 22 seasons of watching, I’ve never seen anything like the situation with Xtina and Melanie. It got to the point where it seemed like Xtina was purposely picking on a 16-year-old every week, and it made me pretty uncomfortable to watch… am I reaching or missing something?? How was this like watching live?? 

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7 minutes ago, Daillon said:

“She’s not even looking at me” :dead: 

God I wish we could recover the old threads just to see how IDF reacted to moments like that one, the Adam-Xtina wars or Erin’s performances.

It’d be diff if Melanie sucked or something 😭 but I enjoyed all of her performances 

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