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Rowan Grace send off Appreciation thread


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Rowan, you were my favorite contestant this season. Watching your Instagram covers prior to the show, I liked how your voice is airy and your tone is pleasing to my ears. You showed your strength in your Blind Audition. And then came your best showing in your Battle, where you actually shone through the performance. You deserved that steal after performing a good version of "Vienna". Unpopular opinion but I thought you did a great job in your live performances. You actually persevered despite being sick and I have mad respect for that, and I'm glad you ended your run in a good note. I was so sad when you were eliminated, but it was fun seeing you progress this far on the show. Top 10 is a very great achievent of yours, and you should be proud of it!


Wish you the best of luck in your future!

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