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Do you vote based on a contestants overall run or how they do in their latest performance?


How do you vote  

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    • Generally voting based exclusively on latest performance
    • Generally voting based on a contestants overall body of work, regardless of how they do in their latest performance

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Curious to see how people vote. I can see both sides.


On one hand, if a contestant has a bad performance but has delivered every other round, it's safe to assume it was a one off since their track record has otherwise been to your liking. 


However, if another contestant delivers the best performance of the night but has generally not been to your liking, I think you can argue it's more "fair" to vote for this contestant. But in future performances, based on their overall record they'll likely go back to giving performances you don't like as much. Unlike the contestant who had a bad night but you've been rooting for throughout.



I suppose in summation you could also say what I'm asking is do you vote for your favourites the whole way through, or vote for others if they end up outperforming your favourites.

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I'm sort of in the middle? I vote based on performance, but with consideration for body of work and whether I think they have potential to improve the next week. I voted for Parijita last night, even though I didn't like her performance at all, because I think she's super talented/consistent and it was a bad song choice for her. Meanwhile Rowan is one of my favorites, but after a few pitchy weeks in a row, I think it's time for her to go home

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Yeah, this seems like a tricky question to answer cause it's not straight-forward.


For me, there's a reason why my favorites become my favorites. They are powerful in their style, they bring something new to the table, their voice is just amazing to listen to even if they just sang the ABCs.


However if they flop or are rough in a performance(Especially if they consecutively give these performances) then I have to support the one who likely brought more to the table and had a better performance. I did this with Samuel and Holly last season(more so for Holly, since Samuel was fighting Hailey who slayed it) I couldn't in good conscious give my vote to Holly just because of her past performances, where Jerishka gave a great performance.

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