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Best Performance From Each Contestant: S15 Edition (Mackenzie Thomas, Kymberli Joye, Kennedy Holmes)


Best performance from each contestant  

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  1. 1. Mackenzie Thomas

    • Big white room
    • How deep is your love
    • I believe in you and me
    • I am changing
    • Emotion
    • Because you loved me
    • Vision of love
    • Best of my love/got to be real (duet)
    • Up to the mountain
  2. 2. Kymberli Joye

    • Run to you
    • Oneup
    • The middle
    • Radioactive
    • Diamonds
    • Break every chain
    • Oceans
    • Never alone
    • Best of my love/got to be real
  3. 3. Kennedy Holmes

    • Turning tables
    • Battlefield
    • What about us
    • Halo
    • Wind beneath my wind
    • Greatest love of all
    • Me too
    • This is me
    • Confident
    • Love is free (original)
    • Happy/tightrope (duet)

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The three primary powerhouse singers of the season. All 3 have have defining performances but I think they have enough other great performances that it won't be lopsided. 


Also, should go without saying, but in duets and battles I think it's fair to only take their vocals into consideration and not their opponent.


Here are their performances






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My picks.


Mackenzie Thomas - emotion


Fairly easy for me. It's live and she sounds just as good as in her prelive performances. What tips it over the scale is her head voice verging on whistle tone is just as effortless as everything else.


Kymberli Joye - run to you.


Unpopular opinion but this is my favourite of hers and its definitely her most tasteful and beautiful vocal performance, and while I love the vocal squals and raw power she gave in later performances, I do wish she had more performances like this.


The emotion gradually built up as did the skill level of the vocal, the complexity of the runs, the changes in octaves, and especially the placement of both made the vocal that much more emotive and by the end both were at 100%. 


As for Kennedy.. cant say I was her biggest fan, but her blind got me into that adele song and I dont think she ever topped the raw emotion of her audition.

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