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How do you think Roshon & Chelsie would've done if season 14 was on Disney +?


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They really high scores. Very, very high scores.


They received their first 9s on week 2 and topped the leaderboard. They also just kept up the good work. They received 10s in weeks 7 and 8 before they were eliminated. Maybe because the fans didn't tend to be into Disney stars.


In season 31 though, which is on Disney +, Wayne Brady, a Disney star, made it to the finals! They tied for the bottom in the finals, came in third place, and were never in the bottom two!


So, maybe Roshon & Chelsie would've made it to the finals in season 14 if it was Disney +? I don't know. This would've been Chelsie Hightower's only time in the finals. She hasn't competed since the season after.

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