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Devix Send Off Appreciation Thread

Hamza Tufail

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Assuming he ever actually reads this

Devix, you magnificent son of a b***h.

Thanks for bringing authentic indie/alt rock back to this show that's been lacking in that department for a while. It's been a damn long time and you did a hell of a job out there week after week. You didn't deserve your placement at the bottom and it's a shame you won't be there next week. Also, as the resident Killers stan of IDF, thank you for delivering that Instant Save performance. You NAILED it, man. Looking forward to hearing whatever you plan on releasing in the near future! 🙂
You’ve definitely earned a permanent spot on my sig.


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Copying from my fan thread post:


7 hours ago, FloorWax said:

I'm gonna type out a long message because I am SAD lol


Talk about being eliminated too soon. He really did not deserve to be in this position and he very easily could have won that Instant Save. Anyway, this obviously is not the end of the road for him, and I hope that he can benefit from the exposure he got on the show, even just a little bit. He has been one of my favorite contestants this season, and his performances are the ones I wait for week after week. This man gave us "Electric Feel", "Sex on Fire", "R U Mine?", "When We Were Young", and turned "Heat Waves" into something listenable. It's gonna feel weird not looking forward to a Devix performance this week, but at least I can now say I am looking forward to a Devix album/EP/single/ANYTHING. If Devix is reading this, thank you so much for bringing alternative rock to The Voice, and keep doing what you do! With a talent like yours, you're bound to create some special music. 


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i am not a fan of alt-rock (or whatever the genre name is lolll) but i thought you had some great performances on the show! I really loved your blind audition and how you reimagined the song. i also thought you had some killer vocals later on -- iirc it was your top 13 performance where you were just pitch perfect and had a really impressive high note at the end. congrats on making it as far as you did, and like others have said before, bringing a different genre to the voice stage, since it's mostly dominated by straight pop, r&b/soul, indie-pop, and country.

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Devix you were the most unique artist of the season, imo. I'm not much into that genre, but I did enjoy your Blind, Battle, PO, and IS performances.

"Sex On Fire" was my favorite performance. 


I Wish you good luck, and may you get all the success you deserve.

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