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Hamza Tufail

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  1. 1. Pick

    • Kique
    • Bryce Leatherwood
    • Rowan Grace
    • Omar Jose Cardona
    • Bodie
    • Kim Cruse
    • Brayden Lape
    • Morgan Myles
    • Parijita Bastola
    • Justin Aaron

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1. Kim

2. Justin

3. Parijita



4. Kique

5. Morgan



6. Bodie

7. Rowan



8. Omar



9. Bryce

10. Brayden

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I think I gave enough performances to make an accurate list for myself:


Please win it all Empress:

1. Miss Morgan Myles 👑


Better make the Finale too:

2. Parijita Bastola

3. Bodie


A lot of potential with great moments too:

4. Justin Aaron

5. Rowan Grace


Proven to be very solid:

6. Kim Cruse

7. Kique

8. Omar Jose Cardona


You have done better:

9. Bryce Leatherwood


This isn't the show for you kid:

10. Brayden Lape


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1 hour ago, QueenKalie said:

IDF is very split this season which is interesting.

I'm glad there's no clear cut favorite/chosen winner this season.

I think many have a shot at winning with the right performance, but getting past team Blake will take some doing, he's not gonna let any of them leave if he can help it :fishy:

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10. Rowan Grace - Liked "Fingers Crossed" and "Helplessly Devoted", but that's it. I do think she's a good singer, just needs to be careful about song choices.



9. Kim Cruse - Killer KO. Great PO performance too, but her other performances haven't done anything for me personally.

8. Kique -  Loved his KO and PO. His BA and Battle were ok. Didn't like his Top 13 performance at all.


7. Parijita Bastola - Jealous was great(my top 5 BAs this season). IRGB and INLA were good too, but I wasn't crazy about these. If she wants to win she needs to up her game. She ain't winning with these types of performances(They're still good, but just doesn't scream "winner" to me).

6. Brayden Lape - Loved Mercy. His Blind, Battle, and Top 13 were good too. He just needs to take it to another level. I just don't want him to sing the same thing every week now.


5. Justin Aaron - Wasn't crazy about his BA, but he really stepped it up in the next rounds. His Battle, KO, and Top 13 were some of the best performances we've seen this season. But having said that, I don't think I liked his PO performance as much as other people here.


4. Bryce Leatherwood - He had easily one of my fav BAs this season. He's proven he's a very good vocalist. His KO and Top 13 don't deserve the hate they're getting. I thought they were both Amazing "Amarillo By Morning"  was Top 5 performances of the night, IMHO. Can't believe there were a lot of people who thought he deserved to be in B4 after that.


3. Bodie - Love his personality. He has proven out to be one of the most consistent singers of the season. All of his performances were great. There could be a discussion about his KO, but I personally loved it(even more than the OG). His pre-lives were great, but his live performances are just on another level. I think he's got the best shot at winning. He's consistent P.S. he has advantage of being on Team Blake.

1b. Morgan Myles - Her blind was my 2nd fav(behind Omar). Her Battle is tied with Omar/Lana for me. "WTWNNIL" was my fav KO of the season. "Let him Fly" and "IIWAB" were in my top 3. If you sum that up, her run is one of the best this season... and she's the most versatile singer in the top 10. Her vocals are insane!

1a. Omar Cardona - I love when male singers knock it out of the park with their massive range(see Josh K, Jordan Smith, Chris B, etc...) Like I said above, his battle is tied for the #1 spot. His BA and Top 13 were my favs of both rounds. He's having a great run, and I'm hella enjoying it. I have one request, just sing Queen at some point. Please!

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