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Most obscure songs ever sung on The Voice?


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13 minutes ago, zjc19951109 said:

Idk about you, but the first time Kat Perkins sang Chandelier, that sounded like the weirdest song of all time😂

Who knew we can't escape from the ballad version after that (Jean Kelly knew)

Crazy to think there was a time when Chandelier was a fresh song choice :haha:

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3 hours ago, Misirlou said:

With TPTB aiming for popular songs, obscure ones tend to be rare.


I do remember Cole Vosbury doing Let Her Go by Passenger in S5 when the song had just been out for a week I think. 

Cole also sang the theme song from the Jefferson’s tv show as his Blind Audition. That’s not technically obscure as almost every American viewer had heard it, but it wasn’t a song that was ever played on the radio, except incidentally.


And speaking of Jacquie Lee, her KO song, Stompa by Serena Ryder, was fairly obscure.

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7 minutes ago, musiclover46789 said:

Idk if Devix singing R U Mine counts or not? But if somebody sang a Eurovision song on the show (my dream that will probably never happen), it would totally be obscure, in the States at least.

You are forgetting Arcade.

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5 minutes ago, musiclover46789 said:

I forgot to add somebody should cover an ESC song EXCLUDING Arcade

Tbf I always forget that song came from Eurovision :haha:

Someone suggested Rise Like a Phoenix for Omar (maybe it was you?) and I thought that would be a cool pick.


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