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All performances that got 4 Standing Ovations?


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Seems like it's extremely rare for all 4 coaches to stand for a performance (especially before the singer is done). Some coaches stand more than others (like Adam, who stood for lots of people who he promptly dropped in the Battles or KOs lol), and then others (like Blake) only stand for those absurdly good performances.


But either way, it seems like one of those coveted designations that signifies that a performance was WILDLY special. Like, there's good... there's great... and then there's "I Got a Standing Ovation from All Four Coaches."


I was inspired by this comment on Justin Aaron's "Can We Talk" re: Blake giving him a standing ovation:




And also the feeling of chills I got seeing ALL of the coaches standing for Rose Short's Instant Save "Natural Woman" in Season 17 (even Blake, who had his own singer [Kat Hammock] in the same Instant Save).


Can we get a list of all standing ovation performances here?

I know I'll be missing A LOT - I'd appreciate the help!


Off the top of my head, I'll add the two above, and quite a few more:

  • Katie Kalvach, "When I Look at You" (22, Playoffs IS) - and she STILL went home after that
  • Justin Aaron, "Here and Now" (22, Playoffs)
  • Justin Aaron, "Can We Talk" (22, Knockouts)
  • Cam Anthony, "Stand Up" (20, Finale)
  • Rose Short, "Natural Woman" (17, Semifinals IS)
  • Rose Short, "I Want to Know What Love Is" (17, Semifinals)
  • Ricky Duran, "Let It Be" (17, Semifinals)
  • Jake Hoot, "Desperado" (17, Semifinals)
  • Rose Short, "God's Country" (17, Top 10) - Also, Blake bowed down to her
  • Max Boyle, "when the party's over" (17, Knockouts) - Not 100% sure, but they show Gwen, Kelly, and John standing, and Blake LOOKS like he takes a seat after clapping for some time...
  • Maelyn Jarmon, "Hallelujah" (16, Finale)
  • Kyla Jade, "One Night Only" (14, Top 12)
  • Chris Blue, "Superstition" (12, Knockouts)
  • Nolan Neal, "Tiny Dancer" (11, Audition)
  • Alisan Porter, "Blue Bayou" (10, Audition)
  • Jordan Smith, "Somebody to Love" (9, Semifinals)
  • Kimberly Nichole, "Dirty Diana" (8, Semifinals)
  • Kimberly Nichole, "House of the Rising Sun" (8, Top 12)
  • Anthony Riley, "I Got You" (8, Audition)
  • Matthew Schuler, "Cough Syrup" (5, Audition) - Should add that Adam stood on his chair, he got a hug from Christina and a handshake from Blake
  • Trevin Hunte "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" (3, Top 6)
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Jordan Smith - Chandelier

Jordan Vs Regina - Like I Can

Jordan - Set Fire To The Rain

Jordan - Halo

Jordan - Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Jordan - Somebody To Love(P.S. a drop the mic moment)

Jordan - Mary Did You Know?

Jordan - Climb Every Mountain

Jordan & Adam - God Only Knows

Jordan & Usher - Without You


So, basically Jordan got Standing O for everything he sang during s9 except for Who You Are & Hallelujah. :haha:

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