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Which One Has Your Favorite Live Playoffs Cast Lineup of Top 20,17, or even 16.


Favorite Live Playoffs Lineup from Season 17-22  

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  1. 1. Which One Has Your Favorite Playoffs Lineup?

    • Season 17(Top 20)
    • Season 18(Top 17)
    • Season 19(Top 17)
    • Season 20(Top 17)
    • Season 21(Top 20)
    • Season 22(Top 16)

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 For those who didn’t know how the cast looked in each season of who made the lives playoffs, Remember this is just off knock-outs and which season you think had the most diverse cast and best playoff lineup based on the rounds before, not counting the actual playoff night and the performances.


Season 17:   Katie Kadan, MaryBeth, Will, Alex, Khlea, Shane, Hello Sunday, Jake, Max, Damali, Cali, Gracee, Ricky B, Ricky D, Kat, Myracle, Joana, Rose, Jake, Kyndal. 


Season 18:  Micah, Megan, Mandi T, Cedrice, CammWess, Zan, Mandi C, Mike, Allegra, Thunderstorm, Roderick, Arei, Micheal, Joei, Toneisha, Todd, Joanna. 


Season 19:  Desz, Madeline, Tanner, Cami, John, Tamara, Chloe, Bailey, Sid, Worth the Wait, Taryn, Ian, Jim, Ben, Carter, Payge, Joseph. 


Season 20: Corey, Gihanna, Kenzie, Zae, Pia, Zania, Ryleigh, Victor, Devon, Jose, Andrew, Dana, Rachel, Anna, Pete, Jordan, Cam. 


Season 21:   Shadale, Joshua, Jershika, Samuel, David, Ryleigh, Jim and Sasha, Holly, Bella, Raquel, Girl Named Tom, Gymani, Katie Rae, Hailey, Jeremey, Wendy, Lana, LiBianca, Peedy, Paris. 


Season 22:  Kique, Kevin, Justin, Alyssa, Rowan, Bodie, Bryce, Brayden, Kim, Parijita, Omar, Sasha, Morgan, Kate, Eric, Devix. 


I think my favorites are probably Seasons 17, 20 and 22. I liked Seasons 21 but i feel like that cast wasn’t much diverse. 


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I'll go with Season 21 because all the teams besides Team Ari were great up to that point in the competition. (Fine, you can make a case for them too, they just weren't my thing / didn't connect with me)

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Considering S22's POs havent taken place yet, I'm assuming you are talking about the playoffs gang after KOs solely.


And also considering S20 has easily had my favorite KOs round out of recent seasons, I'm going with it. I don't think it has been said enough how good the KOs were that season.

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Based JUST off knockouts, S20 takes this pretty handily (Cam, Pia, Dana, Ryleigh, Corey, Anna, Rachel, Gihanna…y’all get the point).


Based on their entire pre-lives run, I would lean S21 since there were a number of excellent blinds + battles on top of several solid KOs (though S17 would be close behind).

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