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Favorite member of Camila's S22 Playoffs Team

erik g

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  1. 1. Which is your favorite member of Team Camila

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Morgan easily, she just is the epitome of world class - tone, presentation, vocal choices, power, emotion, etc


Kate is second and she really has grown on me!


Third is a bit tricky, I think I'd put Devix just on the basis on him being shown more and the fact that his battle was SO good


Eric is last mainly due to what has been shown, but I do enjoy him!

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Probably my favorite team overall. Morgan has consistently been in my top performances of each round since blinds so I picked her. 


I loved Devix's audition and battle though, wish his KO was just as up to par. Kate is the opposite, loved her KO but the other two performances are just fine to me.


Curious to see/hear Eric live.

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