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What Performances Were 10/10s for you?


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Pia Renee - What the World Needs Now is Love

Cecily Hennigan - Foolish Games

Natalie Brady - Barracuda

Zan Fiskum - The Story

Kimberly Nichole - What's Up

Mari - Foolish

Casi Joy - Blue

LiLi Joy - Cool

Stephanie Anne Johnson - Don't Know Why

Sonic - A Woman's Worth

Madi Davis - A Case of You

Khalea Lynee & Zoe Upkins - The Boy is Mine

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Wendy Moten - Ain't no way

Chloe Kohanski - Landslide 

Judith Hill - What a girl wants

Ali Caldwell - Times have changed

Alisan Porter - Blue bayou

Moushumi - Wicked games

Kimberly Nichole - Whats up

Janice Freeman - The story

Kyla Jade - You don't own me

Jershika Maples - Inseperable

Madi Davis - A case of you

Tessanne Chin - I have nothing

DaNica Shirey - Big white room

Lauren Duski - Somewhere in my broken heart

Aaron Gibson vs Sarayah - I'll take care of you

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Season 10 - 22 my 10/10 prelive solo performances. I dont think it's fair to compare auto tuned, pitch corrected performances with live ones because the former will almost always win in terms of vocal quality and issues. And battles are just too different with the added factor of 2 contestants.


Usually what I consider when giving 10s.


Uniqueness, musicality, technical ability, emotion (any emotion, from shock, sadness, hype, if they convey what they intended to and what the song demands) Gotta be a 10/10 on at least a few . Then of course, my preferences come into play.



Alisan Porter - Blue Bayou


Some of the most crystal clear sounding belts ever on the show and the country - ish sounding tone of her voice puts it above singers on a a similar level vocally.


Terrence Cunningham - My girl


Perfect mix of musicianship, creativity, emotional delivery and vocal capability. One of the most tastefully delivered performances vocally without sacrificing technical ability. A incredible spin on the song to make it heartfelt.


Sandyredd - River.


No performance personifies concert like this one.  Add to it a unique tone and delivery with some of the best agility in a lower register I've seen, and you have one of the best auditions of all time.


Maelyn Jarmon - Fields Of Gold.


Easily one of the prettiest performances in The Voice history, and typically "pretty" and "angelic" tone singers don't show as much technical ability as she does. She's a 10/10 in both categories.


GNT - Wichita lineman


Similar to the above. Though not as impressive at a technical level, the added effect of 3 very tonally different singers perfectly in harmony makes it all the more magical. River is very close to being a 10. But it's hard to beat a prelive performance sonically.


Davon Fleming - I am changing.


One of the most dynamic vocals on the show ever. Gave us a a lot of flavors and sounds to his voice (more so than most have given in one performance) while delivering some of the best male vocals ever on the show. That, and his jazzy, feminine like tone adds that much more to it.


Chloe Kohanski - Landslide.


Still one of the most emotional covers I've heard on the show. Her lower register rock - ish tone is also a personal favourite of mine.


Chris Blue - Superstition.


One of the greatest showman performances ever while giving insane vocals from top to bottom. I'm not sure who else on the show could have pulled off those vocals while moving around that much. 


John Holiday - Misty


My most disagreeable entry I'm sure. But he's truly a one of a kind voice in the shows history. No one sounds like him. Add to the fact he auditions with a jazzy song and makes it a masterclass in technical ability. One of the best ranges and most unique voices the show has had imo.


Mendelyev - Girl from the north country.


Same as John H in that no one really sounds like him in the shows history. As opposed to John who has a crazy range and technical ability, Mendelyev keeps it in his lower register but his tone and the way he approaches the song comes across so heartfelt. In terms of emotionally connecting to a song, one of my favourites.


Those are the only performances so far I can confidently give a 10.


A few HM that I'm undecided on.


Jej Vinson - Passionfruit.


Reason he's in HM is cause I detect a hint of nervousness in his delivery, and not all his choices sound satisfying even if technically impressive. No denying the unique spin and technical ability he gave the song though.


Christiana Danielle - hotline bling


Maybe not into all the choices but same as the above with the added fact of giving me the feels.


Desz - Can we talk.


Need to give it more listens but one of the best pure rnb performances ever on the show. This performance was hype. The Runs, range and tone are all excellent while also keeping to the heart of the song.


Ali Caldwell - No Ordinary Love.


All I'll say is that the way Ali performed and sang the song. 🔥


Jershika Maple - Inseperable.


Some of the most insane runs ever delivered on the show. 


There's more but the list would be too long
















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From s15-s21


s21 = Wendy Moten - "Over The Rainbow", GNT - "Wichita Lineman"

s20 = Cam Anthony - "Feeling Good"

s19 = John Holiday - "Misty"

s18 = T-storm - "Summertime"

s17 = Max Boyle - "When The Party's Over"

s16 = Maelyn Jarmon - "Fields of Gold"

s15 - Sandy Redd - "River", Zaxai - "Crusin'", Kymberli Vs One Up - "Mercy"

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