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Actors & Actresses Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Posted)


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Jennifer Coolidge




Most of us in here love Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya on The White Lotus, with her amazing one-liners, drama and interactions with Quentin and his entourage. She rightfully won a Daytime TV Emmy for it. I feel everyone knows her from Legally Blonde also. It's the rest of her films where things get rocky: they include A Cinderella Story, For Your Consideration, American Pie, Click, and Best in Show among others. Most of these comedy films that I don't like or haven't heard of (Best in Show). Shoutout for the "I am very very very very upset" and "I got some scotch, aged 18 years, the way I like it" lines, but a couple quotes that made me chuckle mildly don't make for a positive watching experience overall. Her other work on the TV side includes Seinfeld (but I don't think of her when thinking of that show), 2 Broke Girls, The Secret Life of the American Teenager and The Watcher among others, but I'm hesitant on watching The Watcher due to the middling reviews and the other two don't appeal to me. A good spot for her!



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