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Actors & Actresses Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Posted)


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Bill Hader




Bill Hader had an eight-year stint on SNL, which he gained widespread fame for and received several Emy nominations and a Peabody Award. He is currrently the producer, director, wirter, lead star, etc. of dark comedy Barry. If he has all the ead roles why not call it Bill? But in all seriousness I am intrigued by it but I have not gotten around to watching it yet. Additionally, he is the lead star and producer of an IFC mockumentary/comedy series Documentary Now! which he is co-creator with Fred Armisen and Seth Meyers. His lead roles include leading roles in The Skeleton Twins (2014), Trainwreck (2015), and It Chapter Two (2019 as adult Richie). I'm only familiar with It Chapter Two although the other two names sound familiar. Most of his supporting roles (Hot Rod, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, 22 Jump Street) don't really interest me except Superbad.  He's also done voice over work in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, the BFG, Toy Story 4 and Lightyear. Versatile and well-acclaimed no doubt, but I think this is a fair spot for him since we'e in the 60s.

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Maya Rudolph



Maya Rudolph rose to fame as part of the SNL Cast. I believe that when I started watching SNL, Maya was on the cast and she quickly became my favorite from that rooster (Fred Armisen, Tiny Fey, Rachel Dratch, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Phoeler, Will Forte). I always found her hilarious and was always looking forward to watch her impersonations. Like most cast members, she made the jump to TV and Film, continuing to deliver great roles. Some of the films from Maya that I really like include: As Good As It Gets, 50 First Dates, Bridesmaids, The Way Way Back, Big Hero 6, Sisters and Booksmart. She has also made multiple appareances in a numerous of tv shows as guest or main cast, as well, as lending her voice for animated characters. Some of these shows include: Up All Night, Big Mouth, The Good Place, Bless The Hearts and most recently Loot. Maya has won four Emmys so far, two for Best Guess Actress in a Comedy Series for SNL and two for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance in Big Mouth, for the latter, I had no idea they gave Emmy for those. 

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Ann Dowd

Handmaids Tale GIF by HULU

okay I need to stop putting this off and just go ahead and do them from my phone. Ann has had quite a journey in this game with the help of her champion and it resulted in a very respectable placement. You may recognize Ann from Compliance, a role that got her a couple awards for best supporting actress. I probably know her best from Handmaids Tale, which got her an Emmy, Critics Choice, and Satellite award. Most recently she got a million awards for Mass a movie about parents of kids who died in school shootings. Grim. She was also in hereditary which is another fave with some people here on IDF but we still have another actress to carry that torch 

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Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning GIF by HULU
elle fanning is a queen and she’s been an easy save throughout most of the game, but looking at the front page it’s just going to have to be heartbreak after heartbreak going forward. I think I might have done the write up for her sister a million years ago which touched on the fact that while Dakota was a brilliant child actress, it takes different skills to play older parts and I think elle is definitely shining in that area nowadays. She’s been nominated for a ton of awards for her work on The Great. I think the best is yet to come for Elle so we will watch her career with great interest. She’s only 24 and already has great name recognition.

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Battle Rounds will continue, but this format is more straightforward.


When it is your turn, you will nominate three actors/actresses for elimination.


The other five rankers will privately VOTE TO ELIMINATE one of the three nominees.


If there is a tie, then the nominator makes the final decision.


The nominator is responsible for the write-up.


Here is the nomination order:



Chris is up first to nominate. Next is Andy, and so on and so forth.


Please send me your votes in an existing PM thread.


After these next six eliminations, we will reach the Top 50.


If you have any questions, then let me know.


Good luck to your favorites!


@Alex95 @#jeah @*Chris @FrogLenzen @.Rei @~Tom~

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On 2/2/2023 at 3:12 AM, ~Tom~ said:

Too bad @.Rei couldn’t use Nick Offerman in this episode of The Last of Us in the acting challenge. One of the best episodes of TV ever.


Working on write up now!

I've heard only great things about The Last Of Us.. excited to start watching it!

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